Adrianza out for the season

MINNEAPOLIS — The Twins hunt for the postseason just got more difficult.

With a patchwork lineup already in place, the Twins lost Ehire Adrianza on Thursday. Every team needs a handyman, and Adrianza has been that for the Twins. And he’s hit a little better than expected. But he had to leave Thursday’s game with a right oblique strain suffered when he swung at a Patrick Corbin pitch.

Adrianza likely will miss the rest of the regular season to heal.

“The initial assessment is it’s a muscle injury to the oblique,” Twins manager Rocco Baldelli said. “Those usually aren’t something that guys come back from in a matter of a couple days. So, we’ll have him further assessed. I don’t think he’s going to come on the trip with us. He’s going to stay here and take care of everything here, and we’ll know more when we get back.”

Adrianza actually finished his at-bat before leaving the game. He attempted to bunt twice before popping a sacrifice bunt in front of Corbin, who let the ball bounce and easily could have started a double play but instead threw to first.

“Really at that point, you’re never exactly sure how a guy is doing physically, so to make the call to take him out of the game when there’s actually a small chance that he’s OK,” Baldelli said, “but it’s hard to really get that assessment when you’re out in the field talking to a guy; you can’t go through any sort of rundown with the trainers. But, Ad can get a bunt down; we figured we’d take that opportunity.”

Gibson struggles: Right-hander Kyle Gibson gave up five earned runs on eight hits while walking four and striking out five.

He had a chance to step up after recovering from ulcerative colitis. And he hit 95 mph multiple times on the gun. But his command was off. Gibson has a 7.80 ERA over his last six starts with 14 walks and 18 extra base hits in 31 innings.

It simply has not been Gibson’s year. He picked up e. Coli during his mission trip and started the season behind the 8-ball. And the issues he’s had since then look to be connected. He hasn’t slept well for most of the season and has lost 10 pounds when he doesn’t have 10 pounds to lose.

If there’s a Twin who probably could use as normal of an offseason as possible, it’s Kyle Gibson.


Lynx have reason for optimism

The Lynx this season finished 18-16, earning the WNBA’s No. 7 seed before bowing out quickly in a one-game road playoff loss.

It was the exact same finish as the Lynx experienced in 2018. But given how expectations — and the team’s roster — changed between seasons, there was a greater sense of optimism this time around when players and head coach/general manager Cheryl Reeve met with the media for a season-ending session Friday.

“We shattered ‘em, pretty much,” said center Sylvia Fowles, when asked if this year’s Lynx team met its goals.

Added Reeve: “We’ve gained in momentum. The picture is more clear (than a year ago). ... I remember feeling drained last year, and maybe unclear how things would be. Now I think we have greater clarity.

Maya Moore, 30, took this season off to focus on her faith and ministry. Her potential return will have a significant impact on 2020.

“If I knew it I would share it,” Reeve said when asked if there’s a timetable for knowing if Moore is coming back. “Actually, no, I wouldn’t. You know, it’s out there. It’s out there. You just put yourself in my seat, in terms of when you’d like to know. And know you’re just one party. there is a lot more, there are many layers to it. and it is what it is, I know you’d like it to be cut-and-dried, black-and-white, but I’m pretty sure it’s not.”

Reeve added that Moore’s complicated status won’t impact offseason planning.

“We’re continuing to build our team,” she said. “If someone like Maya plays, you just drop it right in. There is nothing that will be in our way, in terms of preparing for next season.”

Seimone Augustus, 35, who was limited to just 12 games this season because of knee problems, said she will think about her future this offseason. She has expressed a desire to play one more season, but she will weigh her health when making a decision.

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