Blame it on Trump.

Well we need more college housing spread out into more areas.

Great food l, great owners

And I would love to meet some of those molesters today and kick them squarely in the nuts. We all still talk about the abuse at St. Mary’s in the 70’s

Absolutely nothing wrong with the arrest, only thing wrong are the punks with disrespect. They will continue on like this all their lives, always claiming the race card and entitlements.

I can't share my thoughts because this declining rag of a newspaper never publishes it. I will share my thoughts in The Winona Post............hope to see you there.

He looks like a fine piece of trash.

It wasn't about a parking spot people, it was about a girl. It will all come out eventually.

I go there all the time with my friends Ambie and Cliff. The pizza is great, and Nick is sometimes available to sit with us and share old time memories of the Empa Batu.

Why block the comments? So that no one hurts their feelings? Boohoo, these are first class criminals that we now are supporting in jail, then the courts, then the free legal representation. We've already spent lots of money for the grand jury of 20 jurors for a month, attorneys, court, fo…

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