Young Biden got the job in exchange for aid from Odummy! Is that not corrupt you hypocrite???

Young Biden got the job in exchange for foreign aid from Odummy. Is that not CORRUPT you hypocrite????

Under the current guide lines being used by the Rats, Obama would have been impeached 5 times, why is he above the law, along with Biden’s, Clinton, Commey and the rest of the trash that call themselves DemoRats?

Better get your blanky and head for your safe place and sukk your thumb, he’s NOT going down!

Cry like a baby, he won’t be impeached, the DemoRats know it. He hasn’t done any impeachable offenses. Besides the DemoRats shot them selves in the foot when they talked impeachment before he was sworn in.

holding foreign aid is a routine action that other presidents, including Bara…

I understand that some people need help, but helping the illegals aliens shouldn’t go so far to sacrifice what the hard working tax payers of Texas deserve . You don’t stop making your own house payment to pay the neighbors bill, Texans shouldn’t be expected to do without becsuse their ta…

Deroy Murdock:

Trump marks third year in office with real success despite venomous, irrational Democrats

So you want WDN to follow almost every other news outlet, bash Trump at every turn, totally ignore anything good he has done(more fulfilled promises than the last 4 presidents combined) besides, are you implying Eric Holder wasn’t carrying water for Obama?

Achievement or lack of it is directly related to the student. You can beg, reward, punish the hell out of some people and it won’t make a difference, it comes from within.

Bluster, really??

Wall Street thinks a Warren presidency could be catastrophic, new report finds

What will a Warren presidency mean for Wall Street? According to Barclays, it'd be bad news for financial titans and corporations.

Who pays people their wages? CORPORATIONS!!…

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