Hive, Just like the song, "slip sliding away". IE: where did it go ??????

Oops, meant shining.

We live here in "the land where the sun does not shine". I did not think that DST had anything to do with the sun shinning or not.

Many people walk if they can, some are older. Drivers in Winona drive WAY WAY (speeding) too fast, and there is VERY LITTLE LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Hive, I think simple is best. I DO NOT think a woman will ever be elected (good old boys). I also think age is not good. And, I think Bernie just wants to "give everything". I have to give trump credit for ONE THING. Before the election, he let everyone know just what he thought and what …

Hive, I like Amy, but I think You are correct. Who do You think is the best ?

Good one Jerome. Welcome to 2019 Amurika

Hive +1. When I heard it was a Tornado, I could not believe it. Never heard of a Tornado acting like that. I always thought they traveled on land for a distance.

Of course people are the start, but if those AUTOMATIC WEAPONS were NOT out there for them (the people), they (the people) would be using six-shooters or such. Stop the "HAIR SPLITTING" ? It's all about ACCESS.

The more bullets "used", the more "sold". ie: MONEY

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