Thank you Jerome. Well said!

Finnish Finish to our Fisticuffs!

Over the Top! This is the worst, most bizarre piece Stan has had printed. And, that's saying something. I think he spends his winters in California - he better hope his neighbors there don't see this.

Thank you Andrea. Right On! [beam]

2 yr. and 4 yr. college access should be free in this country. Restricting access to good education at all levels is a way to keep the down trodden poor and the 1% rich. Improving K-12 education and making college accessible is a major part of long term solutions to our growing inequality.

Davids should push for MNcare for all Minnesota residents. Take the for-profit insurance companies out from between me and my doctor. Stop making me choose a job based on health insurance coverage. I should not have to face the risk of bankruptcy when I get sick or injured. Make it simpl…

This is sooooo TRUE! Thank you.

Thank you Jerome. The personal touch is important in this debate.

Love it. Thank you.

"Any resemblance to the truth or reality is purely coincidental." 'nuff said!

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