Dick Gallien

Beautiful Hive.

Luckily some of us concluded, after a burning tongue from smoking corn silk, that the challenge to see if we could make smoke come out our ears, was better left to those of dimmer wit.

Hey Jerome, great one, I'm sure you'll have it framed.

Yes gentlemen, a body bag or orange suit is the only thing that will shut it up.

Dick Gallien commented on David Dahl: Up in smoke

Right David, we're still in the stone age, when it comes to recycling tree waste, food waste and human waste, etc.. I was spreading all of Winona's sewage on The Farm over 40 years ago, when MPCA warned us of the PCB,s industry added to the otherwise good "humanure". We've been f…

Thanks for your interest and concern. After working in experimental and outdoor programs in the 60's, I spoke to civic groups about my vision for the farm after returning in 1970. Bob Langford, a lawyer I didn't know, for no charge, set up The Winona Farm Inc. a 501c3. We had a solid bo…

Thanks for responding Hive. I've never posted here. The N word rejected the first post. Most that read this would agree that the D word is also profane.

Toward the end of the posts on Peter's blog , are comments from WSHS students, on their wiki, from a class Dwayne has generously/c…

Les and Hive---I stumbled on your Leonard comments only because I forwarded Leonard's column, plus my note to him, to Peter Gray's blog.. Peter is 68, grew up in Mn., moved to Vt. when 16. stopped at the farm when visiting family here, this summer. His book "Free to Learn" is ju…

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