A doe and young buck on Saturday morning. Expect plenty of green grass, brown forests and brown deer with forecasts calling for dry and sunny conditions this weekend. 

The word “great” coming from meteorologists should put a smile on deer hunters’ and deer viewers’ faces.

“Things look great for the upcoming weekend with dry weather both Saturday and Sunday,” said Haddie McLean, WISC-TV Channel 3000 meteorologist, in Madison. “There’s no rain or snow in that forecast.”

Alyssa Triplett, WXOW News 19 Daybreak meteorologist, in La Crosse dittoed Haddie’s words saying, “It’s looking dry, no rain and sunny Friday, Saturday and Sunday in central Wisconsin.”

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But, as is often with weather forecasting, inclement weather likely comes into play midweek nearer Thanksgiving.

Looking back, last year’s nine day, gun deer season started out, as a “perfect stormless” opener.

There wasn’t a blizzard followed by a record high, or the reverse, but as many recall, the ground was bare during walks to deer stands, and then a light snow began to fall and continued most of the morning.

Can anything top last year? Probably not, but it may come close at least with the opener’s relatively mild conditions.

Snow, deer hunters will often argue, is mainly sighting and safety snow, not thought of so much tracking snow these days. Deer and hunters, become more apparent with a white background, provided it isn’t a blizzard or fog.

But that’s not in the mix, at least not in southern Wisconsin and not until closer to Thanksgiving. No rain, little breeze and limited fog all are good to go for Saturday.

Mild temperatures will keep hunters in the woods longer. With fine weather, there’s always the danger of hunters drifting off and deer dreaming, but the sounds of rifles may cut those sleeps short.

There have been hints that the deer mating season is continuing, at least in a restrained way. Anything like that is a gift, but with the season six days later this year, deer movement will not be great.

“High temperatures will be in the 40s,” Haddie said, “with lows below freezing and fog and wind should be minimal. There’s a high directly on top of us, so that usually means nice, quiet conditions.”

“With saturated soils, normal temperatures and the long range forecast for some rain, hunters may find creeks and low areas wet, even some high water with the large system approaching. Temperatures will drop, too, after Tuesday.” Alyssa said.

Without sighting and safety snow, brown deer and more standing corn and beans than usual, deer are going to blend into the surrounding. Blaze orange will help considerably, but be sure of a target and what is beyond.

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Jerry Davis writes daily DeerTrails 11 times during the nine-day, gun deer season. This is the second column. Reach out to him at sivadjam@mhtc.net.


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