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QUESTION: Mr. Tim, I’ve had three contractors over to my house and I’ve received three different answers about how my bathroom fan should exhaust. I’m beyond frustrated. How are we homeowners supposed to protect our largest investments, our homes, if maintenance advice is wrong? I’ve read online about serious mold and wood-rot problems caused by bath fans. I’m confident you’ll be able to give me the correct answer. I only wish you lived in my town so I might bump into you for advice at the grocery store from time to time! Sharon P., Evanston, IL

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Today’s medical technologies are infinitely more advanced than they were a century ago. During the 1918 pandemic, medical researchers were debating whether the disease was viral or bacterial. Doctors didn’t yet know influenza viruses existed. Without tests or vaccines, there was limited ability to prevent or contain the spread.

Bjerkan created the design for the laundry closet herself, with her contractor providing a second set of eyes on the concept and Bjerkan’s measurements. Here is the new laundry space, as seen from the inside of the dining room. The louvered doors provide ventilation. Bjerkan also considered working around a cabinet that she had inherited from her great-grandmother, shown in this photo.

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