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No list of gas-saving tips would be complete without the admonition to slow down. There’s no getting around the fact that lower speeds require less fuel, most because aerodynamic resistance increases with the square of speed.

From computers to mobile phones, developments in modern technology mean everything has got smaller.

Like all electric vehicles, the eDumper harnesses power from braking.

As the world move towards an electric future, the eDumper provides us with a glimpse of what the future may look like.


GOLDFIELD, Nev. - We were taking a smarty-pants car through honky-tonky country - Reno to Las Vegas. Our route: U.S. 95, Nevada's Electric Highway, a mostly two-lane road that has been peppered with charging stations to meet the growing demand of electric vehicles, or EVs. Although still a fraction of the market, EV sales are surging, particularly in California, where sales increased 84% in ...