Jennifer Lopez been too busy for Super Bowl preparation
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Jennifer Lopez hasn't had "much time" to prepare for the Super Bowl half-time show.

The 50-year-old singer-and-actress will join Shakira in the prestigious shot at the NFL showpiece game in February, and though she can't wait for the performance, the 'Hustlers' star admitted her busy schedule has stopped her from puling everything together yet.

Asked about her preparations, she laughed and told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I don't have that much time. We're starting.

"We still have to develop it a little bit more."

But the most important aspect of the show for the 'On the Floor' hitmaker is to make it "fun" for both herself and the audience.

She added: "For me, I'm obviously going to try to put together the best show that I can, but it's also about having fun.

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"Just being up there, staying present in the moment and enjoying all of the wonderful things that are happening."

While Jennifer insisted she hasn't had much time to prepare, she recently admitted she'd been putting a lot of work into the early stages of planning the show.

She explained: "I have been doing a lot of meetings about the Super Bowl, been prepping and hiring the people and putting concepts and ideas for the show together. Shakira and I have spoken a few times already. She's putting her thing together, I'm putting my thing together, thinking about who we want to join us on stage, if we want that ...

"We are super excited. We want to make a beautiful, impactful, enjoyable, fun show for everybody. We want to bring everybody together. That's the point. We as artists have that rare gift to be able to do that, and that's what I think our main goal is."

And the actress is excited about sharing the stage with 42-year-old Shakira.

She explained: "There's nobody like her so I know that the two of us together are going to bring that special brand of what we do and there will be people who haven't even seen us perform who get to see something special that night."

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