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Susan Ferries: Trump should listen to experts

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Several days ago, I decided I had had enough and sat down at my keyboard and proceeded to rant.

Yes, I was in a state of mind where I did not mince words and wrote down everything I was thinking about our current health situation. One cannot discuss the emergency without addressing how the crisis is being handled.

After four years of listening to our president expound on everything that crosses his mind, whether or not he has any real knowledge, I have finally had enough and need to get a few things off my chest.

His dealings with other people are so crude and infantile that it makes me mad, sad and just plain embarrassed to be American.

He has insulted almost every person with whom he has had any degree of disagreement.

Can he disagree without insulting the other person? I am amazed he hasn't managed to engage us in a war. I was a fourth-grade teacher for many years and we never let the children speak to each other with such demeaning language. Name-calling was not allowed and the children were expected to play together and communicate with respectful language.

Today I watched him insult and demean intelligent and respected reporters during a news conference. He should have as much knowledge and should have done as much research as these reporters.

Like other people, they are not always right, but neither is he. He is not the last word on everything, and he should listen to his advisers who have actually studied the issues.

In our current pandemic, there is much that is not known and teams of scientists are working tirelessly to find answers.

How does he feel he has the answers? How could he announce that we would all be back in our churches for Easter Sunday? If he had his way, we would all be together without any precautions. He is so arrogant that he doesn't even think he could be in danger of contracting the disease. He is above the law -- both the laws of nature and the laws of man.

After a few more days of listening to him, I am more convinced of the danger he poses for the people of America.

He considers himself the final word on how each state government should proceed and open up the country, resuming our “back to normal” lives. Warnings of a resurgence of the disease mean nothing to him. “Mr. President, you do not have the right to toy with my life.”

We can't get him out of office fast enough.

Susan Ferries, Houston


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