Lowry had it wrong on Kavanaugh

Regarding Rich Lowry’s June 10 column: I’ll let conservatives fight among themselves about whether it’s possible for evangelical Christians to defend their support for Donald Trump without being laughed out of any room where rationality resides.

But I must call out Lowry’s ludicrous claim that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, during his confirmation hearings, “won the day by appealing to reason, fair play and the presumption of innocence.”

Regarding reason: I saw not reason but rage in the snarls and sneers that characterized Kavanaugh’s testimony. He acted like a petulant child indignant that anyone dare question him. What troubled me most about Kavanaugh’s conduct was not his ideology (with which I disagree) but the complete absence of what judges should be, namely calm, tempered and judicious.

Regarding fair play: Please. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell just plain spit on the Constitution and the very idea of bipartisanship by not allowing the Senate to consider Obama nominee Merrick Garland. It is a perversion of language to say that’s fair play.

Regarding the presumption of innocence: It’s true that Christine Blasey Ford couldn’t prove that a drunken Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. But if all we expect of Supreme Court justices is that there’s not enough evidence to convict them of 35-year-old crimes, we’re setting the judicial bar far too low.

Kavanaugh and the conservatives won, and Lowry can applaud that, even gloat if he likes. But he owes it to his readers to be honest about how the confirmation came about.

Steve Schild, Winona

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Lowry has zero morals and zero creditibility.


Lowry is right winger, in fact he flies in plane with two wings, both on right side...duh!

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