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During the coverage of the Feb. 24 blizzard, the Winona Daily News noted that several government agencies participated in rescuing people stranded in the storm. One agency that wasn’t noted and should have been is the DNR.

The DNR was out in the blizzard that night, saving people long after the police cars and plows had been recalled due to the severity of the storm.

My daughter, Amanda, was caught in that storm. For nearly six hours her car was buried in drifts of snow on a desolate stretch of Highway 74 near St. Charles. She was terrified. 911 couldn’t tell her when they could get to her. And then nightfall set in and she was all alone in the storm and in the dark. With no hope.

That is until her hero arrived — Mitch Boyum — a conservation officer with the DNR in St. Charles. He rescued her from that horrific storm and may have saved her life.

St. Charles man has proved worthy of DNR's highest accolades

But this story gets even better. Amanda had no place to stay that night. Mitch’s wife, Katrina, graciously took her into her home. Not only that, Katrina also opened her home that night to a dear friend, Tom Heilman, who also got stranded trying to rescue Amanda.

Amanda, Ann and I will be eternally grateful to Mitch and Katrina Boyum and to Tom Heilman. They were Amanda’s guardian angels that night!

Steve Blue, Winona



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Wonderful story.

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