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Stephen Taylor; Saving the planet

Stephen Taylor; Saving the planet

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Marc Morano’s argument in the op-ed piece published on August 28 can be summarized as -- because some politicians told us at the time that the UN Paris Climate Agreement would be sufficient to solve the climate crisis, that means that the climate crisis has been solved, even if politicians now think that more needs to be done.

The problem with this argument is that the Planet Earth does not listen to politicians and the global climate crisis is worsening with every ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere with the burning of gasoline, natural gas, propane and coal.

By the way, the organization Morano belongs to, CFACT, promotes climate change denial. Morano goes on to quote a gentleman by the name of Stephen P. Morrison who says, “Not only does the logic that carbon taxes in the West will increase CO2 emissions but so does the empirical evidence” . . .”by offshoring economic activity from relatively environmentally-friendly places” . . . “to places with lax environmental laws.” Morrison said this 20 months ago, but the argument is now out-of-date.

Legislation currently being considered by the US Congress proposes a Carbon Border Fee Adjustment provision. This will prevent energy-intensive U.S. businesses from moving overseas to escape the carbon fee, because they will have to pay the CBFA when exporting to the US and to the other countries that put a price on carbon, as many of our biggest trading partners have already done.

Unfortunately, Morano’s op ed piece does nothing to advance our understanding of how to address climate change, but the interested reader can get much useful information on this subject from

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