The fact that war would mean endless climate change catastrophes and a nuclear arms race that would risk accidental or intentional use of nuclear weapons, there is a good chance that a public movement will be able to inspire a new U.S. foreign policy.

That policy needs to transition from use of force to diplomacy and negotiations that build a policy that uses our resources formerly spent for war and preparation for war to promote cooperative development of all countries such that all people worldwide have health care and prosperity.

Since our president has pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement and has withdrawn from the treaty with Iran that prevents Iran from developing nuclear weapons, we need to urgently hold teach-ins and widespread protests, and parades and lobbying Congress in numbers exceeding those in 2003 in an attempt to prevent the disastrous invasion and war with Iraq.

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As soon as possible let us organize demonstrations in Mankato and Rochester to which all people in southeast Minnesota are invited to demonstrate for a new U.S. foreign policy and peaceful cooperation with all countries to prevent climate change and end nuclear weapons.

Robert Johnson, Harmony

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