Paul Ness: Thank our community heroes

Paul Ness: Thank our community heroes

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No one in my generation (baby boomer) believes we are not at war.

Not war with another geopolitical power but an insidious disease. The coronavirus has disrupted our lives as we scramble not to win the war but simply protract the time period over which it is fought.

There are heroes in every war. Some names we know well while others calmly and bravely carry on. In this war, we know about the doctors, nurses, EMTs and policeman on the front lines while they work with minimal safety gear. The stories are all over the news. Yes, these are our heroes.

However, there are many more unsung heroes in this war on COVID-19. I have come in contact with two such groups lately.

First, are the staff at the Central Lutheran Church Child Care Center. They selflessly care for children who are not their own, for parents who are medical professionals, police officers or other essential workers.

Without their child-care service, others cannot fight the war. They have the honor of working with young children 5 and younger who don’t understand the war at hand. Therefore, staff cannot even protect themselves with masks or protective gear. The mask might scare the children so it is not utilized. They are my heroes.

Second, are the staff at Sauer Health Care. Here are staff who care for our most vulnerable people to COVID-19. Staff place their personal health on the line daily. We know most of us will someday catch this virus but we all hope and pray, not today.

Sauer staff have to act through their concerns for personal safety. Scarcity of treatments and PPE is universal. Can you imagine going to war without ammunition or body armor? I have always been told bravery is not having a lack of fear but being able to act in spite of fear. Again, these are my heroes.

In this time of heroes, make sure you recognize your heroes with a thank you, or if able, a gift of some sort. As unsung heroes, they deserve our recognition and honor.

Paul Ness, Winona


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