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Patrick Byron: Trump record is deplorable

Patrick Byron: Trump record is deplorable

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The Trump charade (formally known as the GOP National Convention, minus any viable platform) has ended with its predictable abuse of the Hatch Act, emoluments clause of the Constitution (Article 1/Section 9), race-baiting and ignorant disregard for COVID-19 protocol.

What’s next on President Donald Trump's torturous abuse of the presidency  agenda?

His bungled response (anyone try that bleach “cure”?) dereliction of duty and clueless remarks regarding PPE, testing and securing a viable vaccine before the election will continue. Bank on it. GOP legislators like Rep. Jim Hagedorn are drinking the “Kool-aid” that Trump supplies.

As a farmer, educator, construction worker and parent during the past 55 years, I have seen and heard first-hand the agony and pain this unqualified White House occupant has created and enabled.

His COVID response regarding education has been nothing short of indefensible.

Between Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, COVID has devastated the educational process and safety of students, families and school staff. The list goes on..small business, farmers, tourism. It's pathetic.

His woefully and insincere response to COVID deaths and the perils of medical staff take on a much lower priority than his tweets (and his golf score).

The ultimate scary, wretched and soulless rhetoric and attitude toward Black Lives Matter, Hispanic and Native Americans is, and should be, of grave concern to every American.

Civil unrest is caused by lawless groups who seem to take an arrogant position and cue that is unchecked via Trump rhetoric.

As a senior citizen who has tuned into elections since Eisenhower, this office holder is in a category unto himself. 

The lack of integrity is appalling. The list includes Russian interference, climate change, health care, infrastructure and sensible gun control.

Trump “owns” the chaos we see…all of it. Law and order?

How does allegations of tax evasion, multiple colleagues in prison, housing discrimination issues, Trump University, Postal Service delays, hooker payments, support from QAnon and downplaying NATO’s worth appeal to you?

If you dispute any of the above, listen to his sister, Maryanne, and read the book authored by Mary Trump. Living in the “State of Denial” is not an option this election.

Get educated, listen to those affected, ask questions and vote. This election has profound and consequential ramifications.

And wear that mask..over your nose..with pride.

Patrick Byron, Winona


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