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A vote for Zeches for County Board

The Winona County Board could really use an independent voice, not just an echo. That’s why I am voting for Craig Zeches. If you are as tired of the same 3 to 2 votes as I am, here’s our chance to do something about it!

Zeches will bring his lifetime of experience as a valuable member of the Winona community to the board. He worked for 34 years with Zeches Institutional Food Supply over several states. That gave him contact with lots of business owners to learn what their challenges were. In addition, as a successful landlord, he and his wife have met the multiple needs of different constituencies fulfilling those of his renters, the neighborhood, and the city ordinances. His integrity, work ethic, commitment and — most important — his independence to our County Board will serve all of us well.

I invite you to join with me in supporting Craig Zeches with your vote.

Walt Kelly


Supporting Jovy Rockey for mayor

In so many moments of our day, there is divisiveness and negativity as Election Day approaches this year. However, Winonans have a mayoral candidate who believes in collaboration and positive change.

Jovy Rockey is passionate about building Winona’s community and culture through encouraging entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for everyone to have stake in the city’s success. She brings a level of knowledge that comes only with a having a kaleidoscope of experiences and passions. She understands owning and building a business, starting from the ground up and doing the leg work required for success. She sees firsthand how Winona’s unique economic environment can be strengthened to improve other everyone’s success in our city.

Jovy’s focus as mayor will be on the greater good of the community and she will build relationships that help reduce the exhausting divisiveness and negativity. That is why I am excited to cast my vote for Jovy Rockey.

Melissa Richards


Choosing Biden over Trump

I’m certain that I won’t win over any hardcore Trump supporters with this, but I offer it up for their consideration. Donald Trump lies ceaselessly, and with apparent ease. Trump makes promises he doesn’t keep, and with apparent ease (e.g., his health care plan, an imminent cure for COVID-19, a wall). Trump fear mongers, belittles, cheats (e.g., taxes), and bullies. He is a racist, a misogynist, a self-serving huckster.

Joe Biden, a working-class guy who worked hard to get where he is, and who is committed to a lifetime of public service, with a special view toward ensuring that everyone has a chance to be successful and fulfilled, is the polar opposite of everything that Trump is and stands for. Biden is, at his core, a good person – decent, caring, empathic, honest. Trump is not.

I ask the hardcore Trump supporters, regardless of whether you have one specific hot button issue that drives you (including “I’ve always voted Republican.” Well, Trump is not a Republican; he’s a Trumpian, period.) to consider this: in a choice between Trump and Biden, who would you like your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, the people you hold most dear, to hang out with, to emulate?

One of these men is going to be the figurehead for this great nation for the next four years. It has got to be Joe Biden. Please vote for him, and encourage others to do the same.

Tim Hatfield


Scott Sherman is ready to lead

Scott Sherman has my vote for mayor. I have gotten to know him over the past several months and have learned that he cares deeply about the future of Winona.

I’m impressed that he has put his time into learning about city operations by attending city council meetings over the past several years. In my opinion, he’s level-headed, open-minded, and ready to lead.

Trevor Denisen


Vote pro-life, vote Republican

60 million plus babies aborted since Roe vs Wade. 60 million. Think of that. Babies—human beings. Not pieces of tissue, not products of conception—human beings. Each of us was once one of them. Yes they’re smaller and younger then us, but these little ones were, and still are, unprotected by the law to be allowed to live.

The Trump/Pence team supports a wide range of pro-life actions protecting mother and child. Jim Hagedorn, Jeremy Miller and Jason Lewis have 100% ratings for their pro-life stands.

But Joe Biden promises, if elected, to “direct his justice department to do everything in its power to stop state laws protecting unborn children AND their mothers.” Kamala Harris voted against protection for unborn after 20 weeks (when they can feel pain) and against protection for babies who survive abortion. Dan Feehan supports abortion on demand. These stands are barbaric.

These twisted values can ultimately open the door to further atrocities against other groups of peoples. A vote for these Democrats is a vote for killing of defenseless human beings. Vote Pro-Life. Vote Republican.

Barbara Thern


Re-elect Greg Olson as county commissioner

I’m writing in support of Greg Olson for Winona County Commissioner. I’ve known him most of my life. We certainly don’t agree on everything, but I have always found him willing to listen.

Olson is a fiscal conservative and during the recession of 2008-09 and in the years immediately following, he did a great job of working with the other commissioners to reduce the spending of Winona County. He has always been in favor of keeping and growing essential services for Winona County while looking at the entire budget for programs and budget items that were not working or wasteful. He will continue to work to hold the line on excessive government growth and spending while looking at new ways and new programs to keep Winona County moving forward.

Olson also cares about the environment. He has always worked to protect Winona County and keep it beautiful so we all can enjoy it. I’ve also found him to support local business and work with them when it comes to environmental questions. I saw firsthand the exhaustive research he did to develop his position on the expansion of frac sand mining in Winona County.

While I no longer live in his district, I did for his first two terms and much of his third. If I did, I’d be again casting my vote for him. Let’s return Greg Olson for another term as a Winona County Commissioner.

John Eger



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