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Larry Ellis Reed: So whence the analog here?

Larry Ellis Reed: So whence the analog here?

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See if you can spot the flawed analog here:

If, as the John Bircher crowd wants us to believe, supporting peace is one with supporting Communism, does it necessarily follow that “Real Americanism” requires supporting, rallying round even, what essentially amounts to a "War Is Peace” mindset (cf. the dystopia of Oceania in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four) in which war, and the hysterics used in support of same, are used as a tool and agent of social control?

Especially the sort of hysterics which imply that the enemy is subject to change at any time, and that the enemy of the hour is, was and will always be the enemy.

Which excuses the deployment of fear, hysteria and violence against its own peoples to maintain a warlike mindset while officially projecting blame on the enemy of the hour.

Which condones the creation of false hopes to suggest that “complete and final victory” is imminent and “within measurable distance,” with America expected to become Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies, when most of the “battles” are really no better than minor skirmishes.

Which essentially condones waste, inefficiency, fraud, mismanagement and corruption as tools and agents of maintaining the state of war, reinforced by willful and deliberate shortages of consumer goods excused as “patriotic duty” and appeals to the underclasses to work all the longer if necessary and/or accept smaller pay and rations as “patriotic duty.”

Clockwork Orange, in short. As in extreme, out-of-control and gratuitous war hysterics when there isn’t even a state of war to speak of, to begin with.

Which Thy Dear and Lovely Nation can ill afford to excuse. Or, for that matter, the world at large.

Larry Ellis Reed



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