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John Rupkey: Pope Francis laying groundwork for change

John Rupkey: Pope Francis laying groundwork for change

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The human love all people experience is sacred. Many people now believe some of Winona’s religious teachers are treating gay people immorally by trying to convince them when they are young that the love they experience is disordered.

Standard Christian teaching is that the basis of morality is found in the natural order established by the Creator. Therefore, our moral understanding is based on our understanding of human nature, our human self-understanding.

But “human self-understanding changes with time.” This is a direct quote from Pope Francis, published in America magazine on September 30, 2013. This means that for our moral understanding to remain moral, it must change with time as our human self-understanding changes with time. Therefore, it is inevitable that some aspects of the unchangeable traditional Christian moral theology will become immoral over time.

Our understanding of gay people has changed considerably over the past 50 years. It is now widely understood that God creates gay people in a way that enable them to fall in love only with persons of the same sex. Many of Winona’s Christians accept this new human understanding that God lovingly creates millions of people permanently gay, and they reject the God theology that continues to harm those people

Protestants can switch to a less conservative Protestantism. I believe Pope Francis is laying the foundation for Catholic moral teaching to evolve in the future. Until that happens, Winona’s enlightened Catholics can make it clear to Catholic teachers that they reject the teachings they now consider wrong, harmful, and immoral. They are replacing blind hate with love.

That is exactly how Jesus treated the unchangeable religious teachers of his time.

John Rupkey



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