Something needs to be done at the border

The situation at the border is totally unacceptable. Reports of inhumane living conditions are not what America is about. I blame the current situation on our president and his negative comments about people seeking asylum in the USA. I’ll tell you one thing for sure: The people there being warehoused in cages, like animals, are not the murderers, drug dealers or rapists that Donald so viciously ranted about. They want a better, safer life.

It is said that he signed a $4.6 billion aid package. That’s a start. I would hope some of that money would go directly to improve the lives of the detainees, like clean water. Congressmen visiting the facility said there was no water for drinking or showering. One detainee said she was told to drink toilet water by CBP.

And we learn of a secret Facebook page for CBP agents. Sounds like there needs to be a cleaning of the house at the border patrol.

My ancestors came to America in the mid to late 19th century, landing in Ellis Island. I have a group photo of my great-grandparents (dad’s side) and their eight children. They weren’t turned away, or worse, locked up in cages. Both sides of my family came from Europe.

I tell you what needs to happen in America: Congress needs to come together and agree to solve this problem. Speed up the process for detainees to come before a judge, to apply for citizenship. If there’s a shortage of judges, get more. None of this waiting for years for a hearing. I hope Trump loses in 2020.

Didn’t I hear Trump say something about all these companies coming back to America? They would need workers. One final comment: Remember what it says on our Statue of Liberty.

David Girod, Winona

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Nah we'll do what Bo suggested months ago. Start shooting them with drones. Because you know, people on the right have such such great empathy towards the suffering of people.

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