After the two recent mass shootings, people everywhere came out with ideas and solutions.

I honestly don’t think we’re any closer to stopping these events. Mental illness is a big part of it and easy access to firearms. I call them WMD – weapons of mass destruction, not those of the Bush era. Background checks are helpful, but if one can’t ascertain what someone is thinking, and later act on, “What good are they?”

Unless someone posts their thoughts on social media, you’ll never know. Unfortunately for one of those perps recently, he posted his ideas. When his girlfriend saw it and reported it to the police, they ignored it.

The guns of choice by the shooters should not be available to anyone except military or police. Period. They serve no purpose except on the battlefield or on our streets fighting crime. Where the good guys maybe outgunned, hunting with them is stupid. Do you want shredded venison?

David Girod, Winona

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DG is, obviously, clueless on this topic. Simple, limit magazine capacity. The cat is out already, but in one or two generations the fix will be effecive, if not before.

Not an AR or auto fire fan, but military arms do present useful tools and fun forums for shooters. I like to shoot, but a single shot works for me...

For example, I shotgun hunt birds, decent shot, never had need for more than two rounds...never. How many good deer hunters need more than one shot? Target/range shooting is just as much fun with 5 round mags. Believe it!

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