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K, keep it up....! POTUS thought government just printed money...like it grows on trees, per his (now former) COS...guy has zero idea of functional...but he says "jump," and some lift off...

Only a dinger like DT could live with killing so many for being so farging dim.

Ding Dong, School's over... 70:30 and we will be MIller-pup gone too, hopefully.

+1 for Sarah, someone not clueless like the pup and Pelowski.


"She knows that we need paid family leave, and she will fight for it. She wants to lower the cost of health care in our communities and she will fight for a buy-in option for MinnesotaCare."

So how is this supposed to be funded?

With all the damage these 'peaceful' protests accomplished, and COVID19 expenses, even Waltz can't just print money. Opps, maybe he can issue another emergency order for a few dozen printing presses in the capital basement?


Max, that's just the type of ppl republicans are on these forums or otherwise....


Max +1, Took the words right out of my mouth.(smile).


And, it might be a good thing, for We the People, to stop voting "political party," then complaining that there is no improvement...duh!

Stop driving slow in the fast-lane, like some do here.


Sarah offers far more than Miller, at the outset and even now.


Dude, you comment a lot. You’re either working for Jeremy or are really uniformed (or both). You want to talk about no experience? Jeremy was voted in as a 27-year-old, with ZERO political experience and minimal real-life work experience. He dropped out of the first college he attended, went on to get a 2-year degree and have a CFO title handed to him by his father just in time to run for office.

If you read Sarah’s website (which does have specific political issue statements… maybe you didn’t see that section), not only did she graduate top of her class in college, she went on to get a masters and taught government studies and worked as a marketing consultant… though international, that’s not exactly “traveling around.” And as far as I can tell, that’s a hell of a lot more experience than Jeremy had when he got in, and apparently people thought he was qualified enough… but sure, call the woman unqualified. And great job assuming that a woman can’t get anything on her own and has to ask her “daddy” for it. That’s incredibly sexist and misogynistic. It’s 2020, wake up!


"Dude" (speaking of sexist)? Don't believe there was any mention of Miller, but nice deflection. Just stating the obvious--video is done on Daddy's front steps, lots of signs are from the neighbors in a 2 block radius. Makes me wonder if she still lives with parents? If she had so much of that "experience" you wouldn't feel the need to write paragraphs here. No solutions--just statements, no plan--just feel good talk-- "Sarah is a nice person, vote for her". Sorry, you're going to need more than that and an empty website. (BTW, people with no substance, facts or logic usually throw out the sexist comment when desperate my dear:)


Colette +1


Thanks Khansky. Martin, you'll have to do better. Please feel free to "enlighten" me on how the kid from Winona is going to make a difference when she has no experience and no concrete plan? (And Daddy paying for her travels and extra large political yard signs, don't count.)


Sarah Kruger has no experience. She went to school and traveled and was a marketing analyst. Check out her website, it's almost bare as there is nothing--not even any press about her. She has nothing to run on, except feel good statements that people like Hyman drool over.


MAAKS +1 and I'll raise you 2

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