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*broken record skip* *broken record skip* *broken record skip* -Don Steele | Seriously Don? If you are incapable as an adult, of not being able to sift through and discern good information from bad information, that falls on you and your stupidity for believing it in the first place. And if you don't like it, don't read it, don't watch it and don't believe it. It is not our sources of information. It is the inaction and apathy of the American people to be intelligent and disciplined enough to create new political parties, fund them, promote them, and get them elected.

Don Steele

The last sentence in this article is the significant one; how so little has changed. So many new faces in Congress, yet things remain the same. Rather than replacing our politicians we must replace our media ownership with such that doesn't pose such flagrant conflict of interest. Reinstating the government ban on large media ownership by those whose control poses conflict of interest will relight the shining torch which once drew much of the world to admire American government and values. It's the wide spread of information that holds long history of forcing governments and citizens to act better. With such importance to society, information sources must remain free of conflict of interest. Removing that government ban has been our nation's greatest mistake, and it's high time to rectify it with calls for reinstatement. Such will reduce our want to continually replace politicians as more trusted sources of information offering more in depth information regarding our issues forces those already in office to act better.

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