Robert Hively-Johnson: Tubman currency is a racist racket

Robert Hively-Johnson: Tubman currency is a racist racket

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“Causes begin as movements, become businesses, degenerate into rackets.” — Eric Hoffer, paraphrased.

Michael Gerson’s column in the Winona Daily News on May 28, suggests replacing Andrew Jackson’s visage with that of Araminta Ross-Tubman.

Political racism.Replacing Jackson’s image with that of Tubman on “the twenty” has been delayed, disturbing some dodgers like Gerson.

Who knows? Trump lies!

Trump’s delay is OK. Even forgetting “Tubman” is agreeable, for a number of reasons.

First, all is relative.

Secondly, racial politics insults Native Americana and every honest American. Not racist?

America’s first Congress compromised itself to gain a national identity — and funding.

Slaves were protected “assets.” Not so, America’s Natives.

Who slaughtered, dispersed American indigenous peoples, then took their land?

Wrongs never make rights.

The choice: slavery or conquest-based extermination. Both have existed for millenniums. Both are perverse rackets, hand-in-hand, with greed-fueled apathy.

Tubman replacing Jackson on “the twenty” is selfish, political “PC-ness!”

What does a “Tubman as peer” offer, besides twenty dollar — “pieces of silver?”

Is Native American (Wyandot) Eliza Conley lesser, as a “woman Indian lawyer?” Conley practiced law at the Supreme Court and also was a well-known suffragette (women’s rights advocate).

Why not (Chief) Crazy Horse? Memorialized in Black Hills mountain stone, “Tsunka Witko” was an Oglala Lakota (Sioux) leader; murdered, after being enticed into peaceful surrender. Literally back-stabbed by racist U.S. soldiers.

Does Tubman compare to woman warrior Lozen? Apache Chief Victorio’s sister actually lived in harm’s way.

Lozen literally took up armed hostilities against greed-driven governments, business schemers and politicians who used deadly force to segregate and oppress the righteous, indignant Apache.

Was it okay for U.S. “Buffalo Soldiers” and priests to slaughter Native Americans, while black slaves (detestable as that is) were protected investments offering short-term political clout?

Government’s ethnic extermination was directed toward Native Americans, not black slaves. Indigenous peoples bore the brunt of America’s past selfish, greed-fueled racist politics.

Brutalized indigenous America deserves commemoration, not Tubman. Shun the plainly narrow, racist based politics that drive racist rackets.

Even a Native American symbol (a “peace” pipe) is a more realistic choice. Not to mention, forthright Eisenhower, brave Cezar Chavez, an Ernie Pyle, and other “stand-up” heroes.

Nevertheless, neither statue, face nor symbol aggrandizes the immoral divisiveness of any minority — or majority.

Certainly, current times are not the past, and crabbing reparation-politics are strategically intolerable rackets!

If a “Tubman-Twenty” is acceptable, why not images of the murderous “Buffalo Soldiers?” Government “Hotoa Notaxeo-o” did America’s dirty work.

Which statues or memorials do we remove to expunge a wicked past and continues to undermine us today?

The soldiers who killed women and children at Sand Creek, Washita River, Wounded Knee, and the Mankato hangman worked for whom?

Defender or conqueror; slave or freemen; self-aggrandizing racism is evil.

The Tubman currency gambit is chicken-feed “PC-politics” that encourages the perverse racket that still infect us.

We’re all racist. Superficiality (politics) conceals corruption. Heed victims. Not mobs.

The dead speak, but first honest Americans must lift the cloaks covering our past to hear what they tell us.


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