America’s conservative and liberal governances are presciently described by an 18th century Massachusetts lawyer/politician.

Ames thought American governance should be like a well-steered “merchantman” (ship) that sometimes strikes a rock and sinks.

He viewed the fledgling American republic as an unsinkable raft. Those aboard would endure wet feet hardship.

Fisher Ames was a Tory-like patrician, preferring chancy governance to the messier, but safer, “raft” republic. (He later became a U.S. congressperson.)

Recently, one media outlet reported the POTUS, Trump, declared “Himself” to be our “most favorite president ever.” Wolf-baying. Mom pegged ‘m: “People who toot own horn play in one man bands.” No one listens.

Other media reports stated Americas economy is robust, with unemployment rates at their lowest in 40 years. That right? Not “fake?”

Our carefree “gig economy” is okay?

“Gig” congers-up memories of political bullroar “service economy” and Laffler-curve ridiculousness.

No recent corporate closings and (automaker) layoffs? Ask Minnesota’s “Mr. Pillow” about tariffs.

Still, at risk of being compared to Trump’s hyperbole, especially by narrow-minded illiterates who staked-me-out as liberal, consider: Colin Powell and Don McGahn (current Trump minion) command greater respect than any candidate-Democrats, including toothy “backroom Biden.”

Youser. Republicans touted by “that liberal,” what gives?

Honorable and expected personal integrity, that’s what.

Historic heroes: Nixon’s Attorney General Elliot Richardson refused POTUS’ order to fire the Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox. (“Saturday Night Massacre.” Truth trumped lies that suborn more lies.) Richardson and Cox resigned “on-the-spot.” Lackey Robert Bork later did Nixon’s bidding.

How can scurrilous, sycophant Trump-like grifters persist? Does title and position expunge crooks, because grifter POTUS wiggles down his very own petard?

America began independence circa 1765. A decade-plus later, 1788, a destitute America decided to find a way to raise funds. They needed a “federal” authority (government), as opposed to impotent Articles of Confederation. The American republic was “constituted.”

Since then, millions have protected this United States republic. Our self-made Constitution or Law, that sets us apart, was created by slavish, selfish politicians who were constrained by need, to maintain public equanimity — to raise funds, for liberty.

An American’s choice is simple: Abide by the law “we” constituted (by and for us), or don’t.

Elected representatives and some appointed bureaucrats swear to uphold, protect and defend our Constitution. No exceptions. This Constitution is refuge and protector, else America is nothing.

Abide and protect “the Law” (Constitution) or don’t. That’s it.

How many elected politicians act as if their sworn public oaths are perfunctory? Too many? Why “solemnly swear,” when one thinks oath or oath-taking means nothing? Politicians (should) know what makes this republic “the” democratic pinnacle.

America “is” the law these politicians ignore. No alternatives, alt-righter. The Founders constituted this republic, for and by free people/citizens; the ideals these two non-elected republicans (Powell and McGahn) upheld.

These four persons stood/stand for truth. “Marvel Heroes” who crush bullroar and mob rationalizations and slavishness for fear or funds, kowtowing only to “truth,” unlike far weaker, selfish extremist sycophants.

Sure, Powell and McGahn coalesced, but integrity quickly surfaced to gird them with their American integrity and reject “30-pieces of tarnished, tactical, political silver.” Again, they showed the “stuff” of heroes.

Solemn oaths are the point of this “self-constituted nation.” Honoring others — as others — is difficult. It demands something the Tory and alt-right (extremists) either reject or are incapable of grasping!

Reject selfish tyrannies — the “me-first” takers such as Trump, Jong Un, creepy Putin, murderous Saudis and all hypocrites — religious or political!

Strategic (long-term) truth trumps tactical (temporary) loyalties.

“No free lunch.” How this republic-raft endures.

Keep the American raft safe. Get wet feet.

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Robert Hively-Johnson is a 1965 graduate of St. Mary’s College and has been a community columnist for the Winona Daily News since 1998.


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I guess so!


Mr. Hive, I would suggest your Mr. McGahn choice was premature! He is following orders, it would seem!


To watch you will need to become a member or make a contribution. Will be released 10/1/2019 for free viewing.


It aired 10/1/2018




Kill and whomever, I think mssnater was referring to WPTV and "To the Point." But, still nada re McGahn...would like to see it or read it.


I also reviewed WPR, not much there on Mr. McGahn. I am also curious.

Mr. Mssnater. Can you indicate a formal program and date, which seem to be needed?


K, " " Still not fixed...


Mssnater, is Pt of View a program? Could find nothing re McGahn...


Mssnater, thanks. Not much on dodger...I just liked the way he stands off DT.

Kill +1, and exception is noted.


Watch Point of View, Wisconsin Public Broadcasting: Dark Money. It will give you a good insight into McGahn.


I still cannot fathom why POTUS, or any elected official for that matter, would attempt to push back against this nation's unique and functional Constitution, as is happening now. These lawmakers, of all people, should be examples of patriotism and honor. I am not as sure about Mr. McGahn as Mr. Hive is, but Mr. Hive's expressed views herein are on the money.

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