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Mr. Hive, if it is any comfort, American framers Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Adams (both were conservatives) worried similarly, Mr. Adams feared even one election, while Mr. Jefferson preferred many elections. Not exactly a "E Pluribus Unum" comfort two-hundred plus years hence-since 1788. Who had the accurate foresight for and in a self-dumbed down America?


Years ago, I had a neighbor who, like Trump and some others, only believed what he determined himself to be. I had some car-trouble and he offered advise...wash it! Seriously, this dude honestly believed car troubles were fixed by washing the car. Aside from his epistemic closure...refusal to believe facts I figured then he would learn, in time. Now I wonder if my thinking was wise, since 9/11 Bush/Cheney and Trump, Congress and some comments here have disclosed?

Respect for Law and most things, including facts (climate change, lies, POTUS lawlessness and odd conspiracy theory oddness) seems lost and we are teaching our young this madness.

How is it America will survive it's "stupids?"


Yes you forgot...or had zero-clue!


Not me hates Trump. I despise his doings, but have nothing else in mind...guy is a scum-bag. Trump would sell his closest for a buck. Face with might and money, creep cowers, like the Queens putz he is, and as evidence shows him to be.


Hive - I didn’t forget, I also didn’t forget that you didn’t vote of Obama the second time around. You asked and I replied we are in a far far better place. Based on the list of Democrat 2020 hopefuls, we will be in a better place when Trump wins again then what any of them can bring in 2020. And yes my opinion means squat but when you tie it to 63 Million other options you get President Trump. Adam $hittt and his impeachment bull roar will just make it easier. American people will not stand for 4 years of Democrats doing nothing but pushing their Hate Trump agenda.


Typical, you forget, mentioned oft here and in column, as were the reasons.

I did not vote for her, but had more than party or bully bullroar stuff in mind.


Hive - Likewise your “opinion" means squat... To answer your question “Where does that leave America?” In a far far better place than if Hillary was elected.


Bo, "opinion" means squat...it is okay POTUS and stooge Pompeo, who has zero backbone, and others run roughshod over the Constitution, to bolster a dinger? Where does that leave America?


No he did not. IMO

It’s just another $hittt scam on the American People.



Bo, dear "chile," did the "Whistle" meet all the legislative requirments? If so, it is valid.

Besides, is this what Ike and Washington et al, wanted in governance, strong arm bullroar so many died to protect other nations from?


It just occurred to me, am slow; POTUS embraces only those he thinks will help him...Russia, N. Korea, Ukrain, Rudy, etc. If you are considered an opponent, you are vilified (growled at). Must be his way of "doing deals" or was his way of doing deals. We have gotten our wish, plainly a playground bully, who figures his personal manoeuvers rule! Has zero clue.


Ad hominem is not argument. Evidence is fact-based or facts. The issue has centered on recorded admissions. The process will continue...without ad hominems...Be nice if it rubbed-off. Toss in the towel, big boy, you will always be a loser with ad hominums and wet with that attitude, just like the source of whimsical, personal swamp justice, some seem to favor over Law! What is it that is said to "corrupt absolutely?"


I would suggest that the Whistleblower and Adam $hittt get their stories straight before proceeding any further. First the Whistleblower checked the box stating “I have personal and, or direct knowledge of events “. However, the complaint sent to Congress states “I was not a direct witness “.

$hittt first claimed “we have not spoken directly with the Whistleblower “. However, today it was acknowledged that $hittt did have communication prior to Whistleblower submitting the complaint. One might even suggest $hittt had a hand in writing the complaint.

Perhaps Adam $hitt should recuse himself from any further impeachment activities. Or perhaps he should be impeached for lying and impeachment collusion. Lol


Imagine the chaos as two children "go at it."

Adult has to be good to change churlish actions, unless a higher authority controls situation...like Law.


It's 50-50 POTUS will cut and run...he is faced with choice chance winning a trial or run. In past, his habit has been to run, including fails in Ocean City. If dinger runs, he does not lose...so the possibility stands to reason.

Then there is the ego thing...winning...50-50.

Poor ducky, don'cha feel sorry for him?


Lowry wrote, "Impeachment is about to make everything worse." And then attempted to explain.

I ask, "Relative to what?"

Recall a very realistic process of relating called "Transactional Analysis?"

One thing it describes accurately is relationships. The most difficult to amend is the Parent/Child; as the child does not see beyond itself and, in fact, cannot.

So here we are!

America has elected a child and America finds "the tail wagging the dog!" What else to do? Lowry and some fearful republicans (of their jobs over freedom) want us to give-in to the child?

Saving a nation, which is the job the Founders bestowed, is not easy to do, is it?

"We, the People..." We decide! Freedom is up to us, right? What is the alternative? Freedom or domination.

Serious stuff, this freedom thing.

Maybe there are worse things than impeachment, so get to work!

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