Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Iowa Democrats can’t seem to count caucus votes, even though the votes were cast Monday night in public and covered by so many cable news reporters, they could have rolled up their sleeves and tallied the ballots themselves.

Reporters compared Monday night’s debacle to a goat rodeo. I’ve never been to a goat rodeo, but I have been to a sheep rodeo, and I can tell you the sheep were a lot more organized. Those little guys probably could have counted votes too. It’s not really that hard.

Congressional Democrats also apparently can’t count votes either. Or at least they hadn’t counted the votes they needed before pushing Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

And so the process ends, with Democrats in disarray in the presidential campaign and Trump, the man they’re trying to replace, delivering his State of the Union address sitting atop the highest personal approval poll numbers he’s ever gotten from Gallup.

Enter the biggest winner of this week. Not Trump, who seems incapable of just leaving a good news cycle well enough alone. And not Joe Biden, even though he got to skip giving a pep talk to sad-faced Iowa campaign workers and declare, “On to New Hampshire!” And certainly not Mayor Pete, who may or may not have won the caucuses Monday night, but will never have the chance to come barreling out of the once-important state with a win under his belt and history in the books.

The real winner this week is former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been lying in the tall grass of the later states, seeding each with money, TV and staff, waiting for the day Democrats take a look at their options and say, “Is this the best we can do?” That day seems to be coming faster than anyone anticipated.

As the Democratic field has narrowed and Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Biden seem to have emerged as the top contenders, independent voters I’ve spoken with tell me they’re looking for two things — someone to keep the Trump economy going, without the drama we endure on a daily basis. Economy and competence.

“Can you tell me that the stock market won’t fall off a cliff if I vote for you, Bernie?” is a frequent refrain. So is, “Can Mayor Pete run a country? Can any of them?” The Iowa goat show does not inspire confidence.

And in the meantime, quietly yet in plain view, the Bloomberg campaign has been blanketing America with so much cash, you could pull it up over you like a warm blanket.

Look no further than Georgia, where Bloomberg plans to open eight field offices in the next month.

Why in the world would any campaign spend so much now in a state that isn’t voting until after Super Tuesday? Because he can.

It’s more than money he’s pulling out in later states. It’s people and endorsements.

While the other candidates have spent their focus on peaking in debates and barnstorming Iowa and New Hampshire, Bloomberg has rolled out more than two dozen endorsements from current and former big-city mayors, most in heavily populated, diverse areas.

Places like Augusta, Ga.; Flint, Mich.; Los Angeles; Philadelphia; and Tampa, Fla. When he nabbed the endorsement of the rising-star black mayor of Columbia, S.C., the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart said Bloomberg had bagged “the only Benjamin that matters.”

Bloomberg has done this, not with financial support, but by supporting those mayors — for years — on the issues that Democrats care most about. While national Democrats seemed too timid to enact major changes on gun safety and climate change, Bloomberg invested heavily to promote both. There’s nothing timid about his approach to climate change. There’s nothing timid about his approach to guns.

And by the way, there’s not much that’s timid about his approach to Donald Trump.

While other Democrats have struggled to find the right way to fight back, Bloomberg has seemed to delight in it. One recent ad features him responding to Trump’s claim that Bloomberg had hired him to run a golf course. “That’s true,” Bloomberg says. “But he was the only bidder and running a golf course is the only job I would hire him for.”

If we look to Bloomberg’s 2005 New York mayor’s race, there are lessons to be learned about how a man without a party or much of a personality wins an election. For one thing, he outspent his rival 10-to-1 and outmanned him in every category we have tools to measure.

He’s doing something similar now, with more than $300 million already spent on TV, radio and digital advertising around the country. And he says he’ll have 125 offices around the country with 2,100 staffers by the end of the week.

I heard from one of those Bloomberg staffers recently, who said he thinks of himself as “the COO” of the office where he’s working. Can I tell you how many Democratic campaign staffers in the same position I’ve talked to call themselves the “idea guy?” As in, “The staff executes. I’m the idea guy.”

Here’s an idea, Democrats. Get serious about beating Trump. Bloomberg may not be one of you, but he may be the only person left to save you — if you’re not able to save yourselves.

Patricia Murphy covers national politics for The Daily Beast. Previously, she was the Capitol Hill bureau chief for Politics Daily and founder and editor of Citizen Jane Politics. Follow her on Twitter @1PatriciaMurphy.


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Column should now read “goodbye Michael Bloomberg “. Bloomberg now being called Racist by Media for his stop and frisk comments. Will be interesting to see where this goes. Maybe a ploy to get kkk and white supremest votes away from Trump in 2020 election.


Mr. jdinifinity3, it was not a threat. Previously you requested a warning before being expelled. Consider it a warning that your 8 years of running roughshod in this forum are over. The rules of the forum must be adhered to. If you don’t like it you are free to post elsewhere. Maybe start you own forum on Squarespace.


Chuck Todd from MSNBC calling Bernie supporters Nazis or Brown Shirts or actually "digital brown shirt brigade." Geez I always thought that Trump supporters were the Nazis. I guess when a major Media outlet doesn’t like you or your candidate they resort to calling you Nazis. Welcome to my world Bernie supporters.


Mr. Hive, I am sorry to bring you the bad news but Mr. Yang has dropped out of the presidential race. I always liked that guy. A really good guy. Focused on issues that matter but unfortunately that didn’t catch on.


Yet another threat by a petty little man...



Mr. jdinifinity3, I stand by my statement, judgmental or not. You were not trying to encompass both sides of a perspective, you were just “flip flopping “. Good to know I haven’t hit a nerve, the forum is not ready for jdinifinity4.




Now, with respect to religion. You just don't get what I'm saying. At all.

I do not hate on religion or God. I hate on the followers. They are idiots that blindly try to make people believe things that aren't true. More atrocities have been committed in its'/God's name,than anything else in history.

You are correct in that multiple ideas/things/perspectives are capable and culpable of doing harm to others, and good. But ignorance, not science, does more harm than good. Using fake, untrue aspects as a basis for knowledge, to justify how reality functions, aka religion, and passing it off as truth, harms society and other people. It causes reasons to justify hate, indifference, ignorance, all while removing accountability. With a free pass after death, included.

But that isn't religion's fault. Or God's fault. It's the fault of those following it, believing those are the ideals to best hold true, even when they're not aware they're doing harm to others by preaching it, living it, believing it. The followers...


LOL. Hit a nerve, with you, not with me! LOL!

Do you have empathy? Because that is pretty fairly obvious cue that you did not understand Johnson. Totally reminiscent of Bo in many ways.

Next is you not knowing where you 'judged' me. Although I am somewhat adverse to actually caring, considering the source, these all seem to constitute judging,

"Mr. jdinifinity3, You need to chill and get control of your emotions. One minute Bernie is “best Bet”, then he is not. Then it’s some imaginary third party person that is the savior “best bet”. One minute you are bored and hate God and Religion and then the next minute you are a Great prophet of God. For a non-believer you sure know a lot about Jesus and what Jesus would do. What’s hilarious is you flip flop faster and more often than any Politician regardless of party."

Dude, that's like 4+ judgings all simply in that one friggin' post. Seriously man?

I think you not only fail to understand what I espouse, but also what is articulated through emotion as well. Me to you, and especially you to me.

It seems you are blind to this, and I find that really really creepy, on many levels...

But considering POTUS, party, and otherwise, not surprised...


Mr. jdinifinity3, Sorry, I did not mean to “Hit a nerve there”. IMO, you were not trying to encompass both sides of a perspective, you were just “flip flopping “. Perhaps you “flipped” when I hit a nerve.

Sorry I said you Hate on God and Religion. I understand that some people misuse God and Religion for the wrong reason. And as Mr. Martin has indicated, some people think they are Holier-than-Thou. Also, people on the right are not the only ones doing harm to others. It’s not like if you’re on the left that you are incapable of doing harm to others. No single group or religion or political affiliation has exclusive rights or dominates doing harm to others. They/we are all very capable of doing it.


Mr. Martin, per Mr. jdinifinity3 “Johnson is too ignorant and unintelligent”. Boo’s “Rat” seems mild to me.


Mr. Martin, I reread my posts below and don’t see where I am judging Mr. jdinifinity3. I did mention flip flopping on “best bet”, “God and Religion “ and “boredom”. If you interpret that as judging it was not my intention.


Jd. I have been around a long time and I know a few "very holy" Catholics. They would not miss Mass for anything. But................... no way will they believe that God created Gay people. As I recall, the old Baltimore catechism says something like "God created all men in his image". People "pick and choose" what they like. I say they are "hippos".


Hit a nerve there.

Martin what Johnson is too ignorant and unintelligent to realize is that I can migrate to both sides of a perspective and conversation if needbe. Call it flip flopping, but it is better to attempt to encompass both sides than only see blindly through one...

Johnson, 'God' may or may not exist. And people do what they do, and may not have free will either whatsoever. Just the illusion of it. Concepts of good and evil? Might have bearing on us. But they mean nothing to nature whatsoever. A hawk killing it's prey and ripping it to shreds, or a preying mantis eating its' mate, knows nothing of such ridiculous moral human concepts such as 'good and evil', it just does what it does.

I don't hate on religion, just the people that blindly follow it as a means of controlling people or to benefit themselves without taking responsibility for how it harms others. Especially on the right.


Mr. J. Forgot to say. It's easy to get "fired up" dealing with you guys, but, jd3 has never called anyone a "RAT" as boo has.


Mr. J, You say, "it's not up to me to judge people". BUT, looks like You are doing that to jd3.


Mr. jdinifinity3, God does not make people do or act one way or the other. People do what they do because God gave us free will. Some people do good, some people do evil. It’s not up to me to judge them.


Mr. jdinifinity3, You need to chill and get control of your emotions. One minute Bernie is “best Bet”, then he is not. Then it’s some imaginary third party person that is the savior “best bet”. One minute you are bored and hate God and Religion and then the next minute you are a Great prophet of God. For a non-believer you sure know a lot about Jesus and what Jesus would do. What’s hilarious is you flip flop faster and more often than any Politician regardless of party.


Wait. Not bored for a second. I want to touch on your non-believers part Johnson.

Why would anyone believe in a supposed God that makes people treat other people disparagingly, and exploits them for money and profit? At the expense of themselves, the environment?

Didn't Jesus overturn the tables because of those systems he thought were corrupt?

Didn't he also treat people with respect and dignity, regardless of race, sex, poor, diseased and so on?

If he were alive today?

Wouldn't he be ashamed of the people under the guise of ethical, moral, conservative people that follow in his name?

Because he was perhaps exactly the opposite of those despicable people?

I don't think that this 'God' you and other conservatives are following is the 'Jesus' type. I think it's a totally different malevolent and evil being, that has manifested through soulless corruption by evil men.

Evil men, that do evil deeds, to people and to the world.

Not like Jesus at all.


See 'first' by me, below this...


First, condemning corruption is not an “earned right”. It’s a constitutional right, called first amendment right.

Second, I find it amusing that non-believers are only concerned when Trump mocks Jesus Christ.

Third, Mr. jdinifinity3 is easily bored. He quickly gave you Bernie as his “best bet” and now wants to endorse a third party candidate as “best bet”. Which is actually the “worst bet” as no third party candidate has ever been elected POTUS.

Fourth, James Carville is going off on “Woke Democrats “ and Now Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina is sounding the alarm as well.

Fifth, taking away healthcare, is a Democrat talking point. Total bullroar.

Sixth, I’m invoking the Captain Norb rule as he is the only smart one on the forum.

Seventh, get your driveway shoveled and relax with a beer or your choice of beverage.


JD +1, save me-stuff. Me not smart and me knows it.

JD, "Fourth, Having someone that's 'nice' as opposed to 'toolbag' is a no-brainer. Especially in the case of POTUS, where any law abiding, half-functional adult, will pretty much do..."

Dig it. But do the hoi polloi know it? Guess we will find out...

We need more "tear er!" What happened to "the boy who cried wolf," in the "fairytale" warning?


First, bored now...

Second, 3rd party candidate is the best bet.

Third, Hive is smarter than you or anyone else here (except maybe kill).

Fourth, Having someone that's 'nice' as opposed to 'toolbag' is a no-brainer. Especially in the case of POTUS, where any law abiding, half-functional adult, will pretty much do...

Fifth, Having the rule of law be administered by a (wingman as you put it) biased, law-making, government official, subservient to the president, to protect him from the law, that is supposed to be impartial specifically according to their duties under the constitution, precludes that there is essentially no law at all. As it is a direct violation of the very law on which this country was founded. Which makes you sound pretty friggin' stupid Johnson.

Sixth, See Second.

Seventh, "stupid ideas" Healthcare, education, infrastructure, planning for the future are only stupid to greedy people that only think for themselves. People whose only policies are deporting immigrants, rolling back women's rights, taking away healthcare. You know, basically backwards thinking ppl, as mentioned before, only out for themselves..

Eighth, A party that is all about the status quo, and never going anywhere that's progressive or intelligent. Scared people, ignorant people. Hiding behind their guns. Thinking the civil or race war is coming. Willing to follow a nationalist madman right off the cliff. Idiots. No different than the crusaders, bolsheviks, nazis or otherwise. The reason this world is a crummy place.


First, let me say I was only giving an opinion of “best bet” AK &PB ticket in response to Mr. jdinifinity3 opinion that Bernie is the “best bet”.

Second, neither of us guaranteed a Win on “best bet” opinion.

Third, Mr. Hive has often referred to me as Mr. Obvious or Captain Obvious or something like that.

Fourth, Mr Yang is a very nice person. President Jimmy Carter is a very nice person. Nice people don’t always make the “best bet” or best leader, POTUS or otherwise. Sometimes you have to be an arse.

Fifth, Obama had a Wingman and I see no reason Trump shouldn’t have a Wingman.

Sixth, As Obama said “ stop whining and go try to make a case to get votes.” Because the cards Democrats are playing are not going to bring the desired results.

Seventh, Even Democratic strategist James Carville is calling out the "stupid" ideas being pushed by 2020 election candidates, including Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Bruce Montplaisir

When Trump mocked the words of Jesus Christ at yesterday's prayer breakfast I thought people would object but they instead cheered. Kind of says where we are as a nation and clarifies what the evangelicals stand for.


First, add me to (+1) as follower of Kill's last coment.

Second, no way any of us can say "x" for sure, as does Mr. J. What seems obvious to him is not obvious to me.

Third, JD's assessment of JB is off kilter a bit...he is right to a point. Dodger is just another lying politician, but it ends when voting time comes - for JB.

I remain a Yanger, but seems to me the bully (potUS) should loose to anyone who likes liberty.

Trump is already chopping heads, as expected, and the message it clear. This wolf will eat anyone he feels crosses Himself...

The rule of law, (rule of American Constitutional law) is out, especially with Barr moving his job from being the People's protector to being government's (Trump's) protector and modern Torys doing nada.

We are getting what we deserve...


Best Bet to win 2020 would be AK & PB ticket. For obvious reasons.


JB is a conservative in lib clothing.

Just as tone deaf, touchy feely and corrupt as the current prez, juz not as loud and stupid...

Sanders is going to be the best bet. EW or AK can't win. Because if anything has been proven by electing the last few presidents, white males are more sexist than they are racist.

It won't matter, Trump is going to win the next election anyways. Sadly.

Until abortion become banned in his 2nd term, then it will all swing back the other way....


Corruption's epitome is our POTUS. POTUS does to govenment to augment himself. And we allow it. Mr. Hive reminds, "what goes around comes around!" Who runs the show and elected Mr. Trump? Who on the republican side has earned the right to condemn corruption? Evil corrupts absolutely, when the governed do nothing. Then again, also as Mr. Hive continually reminds, we get what we deserve. So, pointing fingers is hypocritical, to say the least, unless one is an Evangelical Christian. Take care who you condmen now lest they become your boss later. All these witticisms did not come from a political party's smoky back room. Mr. Trump's sole mantra is "baksheesh!"


Mr. Hive, the DNC changing the debate rules to accommodate Bloomberg is not a steaming republican road apple pile.


I’d be a Yanger too if he were running on a different ticket. Guy is likable and a forward thinker. JB’s connection to the Bods smells of corruption.


Am a "Yanger," but do not count JB out. He is old hand and knows where the bods lay.


Citizens (including conservatives) may disapprove of millionairs, but all pols welcome moola, bug boy.

Ideas democrates dislike or hate money is a steaming republican road apple pile, and you J know it.


But Democrats hate Billionaires. Right?

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