The invasion is on.

The greatest military operation in all history, upon which hangs the fate of the world and of generations to come, was launched with the landing of Allied troops upon the northern coast of France during the night. This brief announcement and the fact that they have established a foothold is about all we know definitely as this is written.

In this solemn hour, the American people face the supreme test of this war, to which all that has gone before is only preliminary. This is it, and we all sincerely trust that it is the beginning of the end — an end that will bring peace and the opportunity to reorganize into a better and more stable structure the affairs of this troubled planet.

The hopes and prayers and minds and hearts of all of us are with our men as they go into this most difficult and hazardous operation — landing from the sea on the coast of Europe in the face of a powerful enemy, long and well prepared. But our troops have the best possible training and equipment, we have overwhelming power for the assault and in reserve, our boys are the finest in the world and are supremely confident of the final outcome.

God go with them and guard them as they go on to victory!

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This editorial originally appeared in the June 6, 1944 edition of The Winona Republican-Herald.


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Compare this older Winona item to what occupies us now. Our elected POTUS knows only a big stick and is incapable of the kind of temerity needed to prosecute a D-Day batttle. Trump is too self-centered which is very evident body language. Trump shames American history.

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