Michael Graham


Three months ago this week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren looked like the 2020 frontrunner so many Democrats dreamed she could be.

After months of languishing in the New Hampshire polls — a must-win state for the Massachusetts senator — she had roared back to the top of the pack.

She was leading in Iowa, too, five points ahead of second-place Joe Biden. She had even managed to raise more money than Bernie Sanders in the previous quarter.

Today? Warren is fading — and fast.

The former frontrunner is in fourth place in both Iowa and New Hampshire. In the Granite State, her support has fallen by a jaw-dropping 50 percent. In a sure sign that the campaign is struggling, the Warren camp is celebrating the endorsement of former HUD Secretary Julian Castro as a big win.

The Washington Post referred to it as a “timely boost.” The New York Times says the endorsement “could help Ms. Warren reignite excitement at a critical moment.”

But in the last New Hampshire poll taken before he dropped out, Castro was polling at 0 percent.

How did Warren, a one-time Democratic rock star who seems to fit her party’s 2020 mood so well, wind up trailing a relatively unknown Midwestern mayor in her own New Hampshire back yard?

Some campaigns struggle with message. That’s Sen. Cory Booker, who’s offering an optimistic vision of unity and partisan reconciliation to a Democratic base that’s ready to rumble with the Republicans.

Some campaigns have structural problems. Not enough money, too little name ID, no natural political base. Would governors like John Hickenlooper and Jay Inslee have made good nominees? We’ll never know.

And then there are the campaigns facing the most daunting obstacle of all: Their own candidate. (See “O’Rourke, Beto.”)

The first two problems can be fixed. The last one can’t. And every day the evidence builds that the Elizabeth Warren campaign’s biggest problem ... is Elizabeth Warren.

“She got an authenticity problem,” one D.C. political operative told InsideSources. “It’s the one thing about her that’s real.”

The authenticity issue appeared again this week when Warren amended her views on the U.S. military strike that killed Iranian Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani, after blowback from progressives. Her first reaction was to declare Soleimani a “murderer responsible for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of Americans.”

Within 24 hours she was calling him a “senior government official,” who had been “assassinated,” and she repeatedly refused to concede that Soleimani is a terrorist. (He was declared the leader of a terrorist organization by both the Bush and Obama administrations.) Rather than celebrating his demise, Warren was suggesting that Soleimani only died because Trump is facing impeachment.

“Wow. We went from ‘murderer’ to ‘wag the dog’ in the space of a few days,” quipped CNN’s liberal commentator Chris Cillizza.

Why the shift? Because progressives like Sanders were denouncing the Trump administration’s action as illegitimate and were uncomfortable with criticism of Soleimani that might support Trump’s case.

“Given where she is in the race, Warren simply could not withstand that sort of criticism from the left,” Cillizza wrote.

The Soleimani story is small potatoes. But it’s part of a growing list — her claims of Native American heritage, her debunked story about being fired over a pregnancy, her misleading statements about her children attending public school and her backtracking on Medicare for All — that suggests Warren is willing to say whatever it takes to get elected.

“She started off as a candidate with a strong message: ‘I want to fight for you, I’m going to take on corruption.’ She sounded like someone who knew exactly what she wanted to do,” Democratic strategist Joel Payne said. “Now she sounds like a candidate who’s still looking for a message, and that’s not good.”

Some Democrats disagree. “I don’t think the Native American thing or these other stories are hurting her. I think she’s got an explanation for all of them,” said Bob Shrum, director of the University of Southern California’s Center for the Political Future and a veteran of multiple presidential primaries. “I think it’s one thing: Medicare for All.”

That’s a common explanation for Warren’s weakness. Democrats and pundits point to the release of Warren’s poorly received $52 trillion health care plan as the moment her campaign began to founder. “It’s not true that New Hampshire Democrats don’t like Warren,” one senior Democratic Granite State source said. “They just hate her Medicare for All plan.”

But even the Medicare issue highlights Warren’s authenticity problem. One reason she was forced to release the politically damaging specifics of her plan was because she’d spent weeks refusing to say whether her proposal would require a middle-class tax hike. She gave so many obviously evasive answers that late-night TV host Stephen Colbert begged her on the air to find a better response.

Warren supporters are quick to suggest that she’s the victim of misogyny, that conversations about authenticity and likability are just code words for being uncomfortable with a woman nominee. But that hardly makes sense in New Hampshire, where three of the four Democrats in the congressional delegation are women, the two previous governors are women and where Hillary Clinton won both the 2008 primary and the 2016 general election.

These are voters who are more than willing to vote for a woman. At the moment, however, they appear reluctant to vote for Warren.

And that’s a “candidate” problem.

Michael Graham is politics editor for InsideSources.com.


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Martin, "exactiment!" We think the same things, in different places, together.

If we all thought close...and made the other guy (s) look good...

"What a wonderful world it would be!"...without the Donald Trump bullies...but, realistically, fools preferring zero-sum madness will always be with us...

even though non zero-sum is historically idea (Mother Nature's way set aside-she rules us!)


Hive. The Asians that I have known have all been good, honest and smart people. I also have always liked Powell and Jim Webb (Virginia) . I really think the BIG, MAIN problem right now is the "uneducated, white male". They are like little kids who will not grow up and are full of hate, big time. I know 30 year Union men who voted for trump because they would not vote for a woman. As I see it, the republicans are united and all have ONE thought, MONEY. The Democrats are many blocks of people each going their own way, and do not know enough to join together.


Martin, Was being a bit circumspect re a write-in, thing is, might be a pile of write-ins...and might be wasted, some waste intended.

Re Wang, you are likely right, being that he is Asian, but, to me "so what?" He is not a politician and quietly honest.

None of the others can claim such distinctions, save maybe the two outliers with money.

To me, Wang, and perhaps the two outliers have an interest in America, not personal gain...whereas, the others, including Klobuchar seem otherwise and, of course, politicians...liars.

Time the voters worked to do the work the Founders put upon us as a democratic republic, so far, we are failing. Trump and minions and the limp neocon dingers are an example.

I have often wondered why a Powell. Wu or other genuinely honest dodger shies from leadership...

What are we teaching the next generation?

Will climate change alter the world...being Mother Natures way of cleaning house, getting rid of humans?


Hive, I was just kidding on the write-in thing . I would vote for Yang, but many people would not vote for him as they would not vote for a woman.


Maybe we can do a write-in for Jesse. I think "the kids" voted him in as a joke/slap to us older people. All the kids do now is stare at their phones. JESSE, JESSE !!!


Ask first, do not want to do write-in, if it negates the vote...but Jesse scares me like Trump, Once is enough for me...Yang is opposite and honest, to me..


Geez JD, isn't Trump enough? I kinda like Ventura's lack-of-respect, sort of in-your face style, but dinger and liar Trump's enough for this dodger! Way enough! JV might be example of the old saw, "Be careful what ya wish fer. Ya might get it."


When is Ventura going to enter the race?

He aint got time to bleed...



Back on topic. Warren did herself few favors last night. Liar and loser and a woman, who is not doing future politically minded females much good. Too bad and tsk, tsk. Lies we get from any dinger...

Give me a simple plan/candidate...might that me Yang?

"Shotgunning" promised is to lie...and dumb, to boot.

Promise to try to do one or two things! Warren (Pocohontas), Bernie, Biden, Trump, all lying political predators; and, who might their prey be?


Mr. jdinifinity3, I cannot answer for Bo as to weather you hurt his feelings. However, when looking at the timeline of events, Mr. Bolake was banned long before your original Mr. jdinifinity account was banned. It was during a heated exchange of insults between the two of you. Mr. Martin refers to it as a boo spanking. You refer to it as “that incident, the funniest thing that ever happened in these forums”. So do I dare ask, who’s feeling did Mr. Bolake hurt? As Mr. Hive has suggested “some target likely complained”.

Back on topic, the Democratic Debate is starting soon. Let’s see if Ms. Warren can bounce back or if a new front runner will emerge.


I'll put this under your thread for a reply so that way the above can stay on topic. Hopefully...

Wait wait wait? Bo was banned first? Really? Who complained?

Wouldn't you be the person to know that, and/or initiated the banning?

So someone else? Not Bo? Was it by email or telephone call? Or did someone just push the abuse button, and then someone at WDN staff went berserk and started revoking accounts?

I mean this isn't like a trial where I get to face my accuser and so forth. But it'd be nice to know who complained, and why?!!!. It would've been even nicer to have some sort of warning, or someone to post in here that people(s) complained BEFORE either of us getting banned. Because for some reason I find this entire username banning, and how it came about, hard to believe whilst riddled in possibilities of sham.


Mr. jdinifinity3, Full disclosure, I am not employed by WDN, nor is any of my immediate family. Back in December I was intrigued by the end zone celebrations on the Boo spanking and did a little research. It became quite evident that Mr Bolake was banned first. All I can say is that you or someone from your cabal pushed the “Report” button on Mr. Bolake, which got the whole process started. After that it was just a matter of time for WDN to catch-up to you. Unlike some law enforcement personnel the WDN does not hand out warnings.


I appreciate the support from everyone here, and thank them for their honesty and defense of my temerity in the face of seemingly mindless censorship and oppression from WDN forums. All because I hurt Bo's feelings? Is that the story as I construed it Mr. Johnson?

I don't pretend to be an adult. I do say it vulgar. I don't lie, or at least try not to, but as any intelligent, and wise person will concede. I am biased.

Regardless, I will try to tone it back, avoid the ad homs, ignore and/or talk around the stupidity of the stupid ones. No promises, but effort included...


Well said, Mr. killallthelawersfirst, well said. You know what they say...”third time’s a charm.” With any luck Mr. jdinifinity3 will heed your advice.


@ Martin. And we learned...to respect others. We might have been out of line here and there but we knew so and admitted as much...something missing nowadays and the wanger in the WH does us dirt.


Hive, I also did the "Mom, Nuns and Christian Brothers ", and I came away with one thing. "The Corporal Works of Mercy". One big thing about the Brothers was that if we got out of line, we could end up with "a knuckle sandwich" (that was free). What a long long time ago.


"Corporal Works of Mercy." TBH, have not thought of them in a decade or two...per se...like some "teachers" am I, but never "took a knee" like too many did.


Kill, we to think alike in different places together, don't we? JD, maybe duck a few snaky stones...or do not? The WDN banned you? Por qua? Seems to me you make more sense than most, but I do not own the ink, so to speak. The WDN's snooty choices are corporate folly, to me, and maybe the run of one who has done great harm to this publication via unmitigated and misplaced arrogance.

Hang in...tougher and smarter.


Mr. JDInfinity, the Daily News and most here: Adults? Mr. Hive knows how to blind the watcher with spelling, The reader knows his intent, most of the time, so others cannot learn? It is better to woo ideas, not foolishly argue by calling each other names like Mr. Bolake does and others. It is easy to point out examples of what and for whom. No forgiveness or justice here. Our comments teach and we should learn, as we are reminded from time to time by Mr. Hive. I am opposed to (Mr. Bolake's) churlish doings. But what do we teach, indentities notwithstanding? Who possesses the temerity to own up to statements and beliefs, and then play the hypocite to stone Mr. Infinity? Adults should know better and behave accordingly.


Mr. J, to be more precise, your take re Martin is supurb-ness, I was not clear about it.


What makes Trump better than some common slob?

Guy and his WH minions are America? Or, as JD scribes, they are Amerika...with a reverse small case "k" or "n ationalist s ocialist p arty (nazi) swastica, small cases intended.

Speaking of this lad. Might be well to remember he is the next generation.

Maybe a little raw at times, but, again Lemony, the lad does not lie, he is open and honest and, like me, has zero respect for those who do lie and posture, like some here and pols everywhere.

Since when is honesty not a good? No more hiding behind, "he's vulgar etc!" As DJT moron POTUS and republican leaning ego has shown us.

Right Bo boy...?

And, Mr. J. perhaps I read it wrong, but your take on "Martin" seems out of place. However, Mr. J, you might have hit the mom-lode with your interpretation re Bo etal.

What these so called patriots do is act for only self, like Trump. These people may crawl, but they cannot even do that very well.

Cannot wait for one of them to trot out the "right to life" canard...as if they would tolerate similar cornering.

Good threads, regardless.

What makes Trump better than some common slob?

Guy and his WH minions are America? Or, as JD scribes, they are Amerika...with a reverse small case "k" or "n ationalist s ocialist p arty (nazi) swastica, small cases intended.

Speaking of this lad. Might be well to remember he is the next generation.

Maybe a little raw at times, but, again Lemony, the lad does not lie, he is open and honest and, like me, has zero respect for those who do lie and posture, like some here and pols everywhere.

Since when is honesty not a good? No more hiding behind, "he's vulgar etc!" As DJT moron POTUS and republican leaning ego has shown us.

Right Bo boy...?

And, Mr. J. perhaps I read it wrong, but your take for "Martin" seems accurate enough. You hit the mom-lode with your interpretation re Bo etal. Hiding, lying, etc, compared to simple truth is not so easy, is it dingers?

JD...a catalyst.

What these so called Trumps-patriots do is act for only self, like Trump.

These people may crawl, but they cannot even do that very well and crawling means no legs needed, to stand upon...like truth.

Cannot wait for one of them to trot out their "abortion" or "right to life" canard...as if they would tolerate similar cornering. Please...spare us the hypocrisy.

Save the fact Trump and these ding-dongs who praise his tomfoolary and harming America severely, like other pols, I must admit to a certain delight in Trumps daily evidence, doing exactly what I was taught by Mom and nuns and Christian Brothers not to do...

Is it "to thine own self be true? Or, to us as mutuals be true?" Only one is non-zero sum!

Good threads, regardless.

Lemony, you ad hominem s crawl. Be glad I am not on the County Board, biitxxh!


" why boo is no longer posting and not the spanking you referred to previously."

...that incident, is the funniest thing that ever happened in these forums...




Mr. Martin, perhaps Mr. Hive and Mr. jdinifinity3 is on to something. Could “splain” why boo is no longer posting and not the spanking you referred to previously. With the exception of Captain Norb, Mr. killallthelawersfirst, Mr. Steele and a few others, most people are not following the posting guidelines listed above the blue “post a comment “ button. Many of you cleverly disguise obscene, vulgar language to avoid the auto-block function of the web site. I guess that makes you all hyperintelligent.


My guess is Martin, that one of many republicans on these boards, who claim that the liberals are free speech cry babies, are in fact the ones that reported me and complained.


Ignore dingers socially and in ballot box!!! Being ignored can be the worst...what is DJT doing all the time...staying in the news...but if ignored, would fume and bluster and dry up...and blow away.


Anyone "splain" to me why boo/packrat can get away with his language and jd is under a "microscope" ?


Some target likely "complained."


JD, I would not waste my time. Lemony is a politician, a liar, and most do not come any dumber...look at Miller, Pelowski, Drakowski, the dude from Preston. Not just locals. All "me me me!" Screw 'em...back!


What was that ld?

Corporate toolbag sellouts with little to no concern for their neighbors, the environment, the water table? Etc...? So forth? Etc..?

I stick by my perspectives from what I said in prior years about the expansion.

Now granted those are opinions, not lies.

But some people are too stupid to know the difference.

But WAY moreso with you ld. Who has been so totally delusional and idiotic in insisting for years that I represent LSP, when I have nothing to do with them whatsoever...

That makes one blatant friggin' liar I've see in these forums for sure..

lemon drop

The fact that you are now on your 3rd user name, I'll stick with what I've said before, you need to seek professional help. What? Your not LSP, could have fooled me, you quote them verbatim.


Lemony, True. So true...as we suffer the governance "choose."

Bo, lost his reader....again! Ding donger!


Mr. Hive, the beer is good, the football game not so much.


Get over it J these dingers are pros...unless you own stock fogetaboutit. Vikings lick hind teat...again.

Ever consider some games are rigged?

lemon drop

Time will tell!

lemon drop

Failed for a reason, your absolutely right. Why feel the need to put LSP yes people on boards if it's so obvious. I gave you what he and LSP lied about. Everything you say to this point and after is bullroar.


Lemony, again, evidence, not talking points or differences...The farmsted effort at expension failed for a reason. If opinions as to motives are deemed lies, because someone disagrees, what does that do? Nada!

As to EW, again, no woman will beat POTUS and though I failed to mention it, I tend to go along with Johnson's take on W's lack of authenticity...she is like all the rest, save Yang...another pol and, what pol does not lie?

Time for beer and football. Amen.


Examples of lies, not disagreements or political bullroar...would help me and some others...duh!

lemon drop

corrupt, corporate, ruining the way of life, not family, polluters. More


??????????? What are you attempting to say? Plain English , PLEASE!


Lemon Drop, what's your definition of pollution?


Mr. J. First, I will agree with your implication Trump is not capable of thinking of taking out such a person...then, but he is running for election and you all know what he said about O...!

Besides, did not Trump pooh-pooh our intelligence operations...? Duh. This dorko went on a hunch and got people killed and took America to near war...please. Trump is not anyone's friend, not even Himself, really...get fargin' real!

lemon drop

What happened to Elizabeth Warren in this post?

lemon drop

Mr Hive with all do respect JD does lie. He has lied on so many occasions against a family, I and the majority of Winona county citizens know very well. He also sticks up for the organization that's leading the charge against them. They have also lied about them and have tried to craft a negative narrative so others see them in a different light, which is also a lie. I don't care about the name calling child stuff. Just be honest


Packman, "When you stand with freeloaders, illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists and are opposed to the needs of the hard working taxpayers in this country, what do you expect?"

We must assume all who do not lie, do not assault or bully or are honorable people who do good are what?

So common; so low!


Please re post in a way that normal people can understand. I think a kindergartner got on your computer


Mr. J. The difference between Trump and JD is not what you state, While both maybe a bit raw at times, JD is not a liar. Trump lies out of hand. He lied when he swore to protect US law and more. There is the rub. No one trusts a liar and the roadapple bullroar flows from POTUS to the point no one trusts the dinger, not even his staff.

No woman will beat POTUS. Not even the woman who caused honest voters (like me?) to vote 3rd candidate and give us a raw DT.

There are goods and bads to this, but what some see as good with DT, most others see as bullroar aimed only at upping this dinger...it is why most pundits smile.

DT is news, but bad news does not bode this republic well, does it.

Suggest you peruse the first 100 pages or so of a history book entitled, "These Truths." Then, let the stuff roil around as you think about what has transpired in the last 200 years or so here...

Trump is not our friend. He is not a republican's friend.

Still, we get the governance we deserve...don't we all?

Now, how would you feel had a child of yours been on that Ukranian aircraft?

Truth is simple...


Mr. Hive, I doubt that Trump woke up on January 3rd and came up with the idea to take out Soliamoni. More likely he was given an intelligence briefing that Soliamoni was targeting more US embassies with the intention of killing more Americans.


Mr. Hive, lets exchange Trump for Mr. jdinifinity3 in your opinion.

“Trump is a (springer?) dinger... gives these threads some spunk! IMO. He does reflect what a lot of us fear to say, who have such thoughts. The rub is some cannot take the rub!”

Back on topic, I to believe Ms. Warren has an authenticity problem. Love or hate Mr. Sanders but Bernie has always been Burnie.


When questioned by Megan McCain, Pocahontas, almost had to be put under a hot bright light in a dark room to FINALLY admit that Soliamoni was even a terrorist. His finger prints are on thousands of deaths, many of them Americans. She’s rather pathetic


In addition, no Trump changes his story...and I see Iran admits what we all knew was so, and what precipitated all this bullroar and killed those innocent passengers?

Our dear POTUS is a freaking, lying, disaster...and those who back this moran are equally to blame...

You think Trump or any pol gives a rat's tail for you? Duh!


Norb, it is very likely JD knew...I did not know him by name...

I knew that I did not know, and did not care, knowing someone in Iran pulled strings...

But, like even with Trump, the buck stops at the top and ranking Iranian minions are alive just like the suits in the WH have jobs...arse-kissing hypocrites whose only life-cushion is a pair of knee pads...Capische???

Back on topic, EW is where she is cuz she is a political-broad playing in a ring inside a male circus big-top, or so we allow them to think.


JD is a springer...gives these threads some spunk! IMO. He does reflect what a lot of us fear to say, who have such thoughts. The rub is some cannot take the rub!

Captain Norb

Before commenting, ask yourself if you had any idea who Qassem Soleimani was before recently (e.g. if a Jeopardy daily double) I doubt if Trump did before given a list of response options to the embassy incident. Of the Dem candidates, probably only Biden and Mayor Pete.

BTW: Won't the Democrats be obligated to nominate the most marginalized and underserved candidate? Now that Marianne has dropped out, maybe Deval Patrick.


This post has nothing to do with the article.

Mr. Johnson,

I do not know if you are a staff member of the newspaper? I see there is a 'Craig Johnson' - 'photographer' listed on the contact information?

If so, I am glad that finally a member from the WDN staff of the newspaper responded to my post, and supposed threat (albeit by banning me again). Perhaps a bit harsh, but it was the only way I could make a point. But now I'm going to make the real 'point'.

I have been a member of these comment forums for 7, maybe 8 years. I say it like it is, often vulgar, and toned up, rather than toned down. But in that entire time, I've never received any warnings, any messages, and especially, any type of interaction with a site admin, staff member, and/or moderator until possibly now.

That is friggin' unacceptable.

You create the infrastructure for a comment thread, platform website. And then you don't have any site admin, moderator or otherwise, to administer the policies that you are providing a means for their posted content?

It's laughable.

Not only is that bad job allocation and management, but bad business as well.

There could be a lot more vulgar jdinfinity and packfans, running rampant on here. You're just lucky there's a small number.

To conclude, perhaps one could say I'm the one that has issues? Needs to get his stuff together? Perhaps? (duh, obviously). And I'm not saying that I perhaps didn't deserve to be banned, or at least WARNED FIRST, for my posts (which are no different in personal attacks, ad hom, or otherwise than packfan, bo, ld, or others)?

But I didn't create a web forum, let it run rampant with hooligans that can say anything, then never enforce the friggin' policies!!! Until now?!! And only to one person!?! Who isn't any better or worse than the other abusers of the policies??

So, Mr. Johnson, don't go acting all high and mighty on the other forum like it's some sorta big deal, when you let everything for years go in one web browser window and out the other....


Since you mentioned me, I’ll give you some advice,




When you stand with freeloaders, illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists and are opposed to the needs of the hard working taxpayers in this country, what do you expect?

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