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Holy crapola, that was a great friggin' article. Creating and insisting on a white, anglo european, nationalistic core to 'Amurika', makes you a crummy person representing this nation, along with your POTUS. If you lose sight of humanity and justice in favor of xenophobic dehumanization of immigrants, what does that say about you as a nation? What did it say about the Nazis?


I must admit to once disagreeing with Gerson more than now, and even then appreciated the way he thinks. Man is honest conservative, in the same way others are honest independents. Common sense truth rules his thinking and I do not say that because his connections are similar. I say that because what he embraces is truth. Sometimes I find it hard to accept he once worked for a conservative WH. He must shake his head to see what has happened in both Executive and Legislative branches of American governace! We have become so vulgar. +1.

Dick Gallien

Beautiful Hive.

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