House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she has discovered President Donald Trump’s impeachable offense. It’s bribery. When he was trying to get Ukrainians to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden for corruption and meanwhile briefly held up $400 million in military aid, he was bribing Ukraine, she tells us.

I guess she has never read our treaty with Ukraine.

It says corruption is a legitimate reason to withhold aid, and, if you think about it for a minute, it is easy to see why that clause exists.

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Jay Ambrose

A corrupt country may well misuse the aid, maybe hurting its own citizens, maybe tricking the donor, maybe furthering the cause of corruption. Ukraine happens to have a deep, dark, devastating history of corruption that has yet to make a wholly convincing exit, and Trump had reason to be concerned about Biden.

His son Hunter Biden once signed on at a salary of $50,000 a month to sit on the board of directors of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company once in so much legal trouble that its owner took a long hike around Europe to stay out of jail.

The young Biden did not speak Ukrainian and had no background in energy matters, but appears to have been qualified by virtue of his last name.

Maybe, just maybe, his family ties could help keep the company out of trouble, you can imagine the owner thinking, and then evidence seemed to arise.

Vice President Joe Biden showed up and told Ukrainian officials they weren’t going to get $1 billion in U.S. aid if they did not fire a prosecutor pledged to investigate Burisma.

Ukraine did fire him, and everyone was innocent of wrongdoing we have been assured. For instance, Biden defenders say, the prosecutor himself was corrupt and would likely have left Burisma alone, and many others in the Obama administration were absolutely behind this firing, as were our European allies.

I would still like you to consider the following. A State Department witness at the first open impeachment hearing said he had early on expressed an obvious worry to the vice president’s national security staffers: Hunter Biden’s Burisma connection had the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Joe Biden himself said he didn’t even talk to his son about what he was doing, negligence of a kind that is nothing short of startling. A firm representing Burisma did use Hunter Biden’s name in seeking a session at the State Department.

And after the prosecutor’s removal, the Burisma owner was removed from a wanted list and saw all kinds of court cases dropped on such matters as tax evasion and embezzlement.

An investigation into all of this really might turn up corruption, even though it is true that Trump’s temporary withholding of aid was not backed by many in his administration.

After all, they were proud that the military package actually contained lethal weaponry, unlike Obama’s weak-kneed example. Democrats have said Trump was just trying to wound a political opponent. Well, being a political opponent of someone does not mean you’re excused from suspicions, and letting a vice president get away with malfeasance would not be OK.

Look, I am not making some kind of final judgment on Biden. I agree that Trump is fault-laden. But I do think the real corruption here, the political corruption, is best expressed by Alexander Hamilton in an essay on impeachment in The Federalist Papers.

He says the greatest danger in impeachment proceedings is arriving at a decision not through “real demonstrations of innocence or guilt,” but through the strength of a party.

In the House, the Democratic strength has kept Republicans from interviewing Hunter Biden, probing fronts that would give Trump a chance of maybe showing the republic-threatening chicanery that now seems obvious to some of us.

Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at speaktojay@aol.com.


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No overt crime? POTUS engaged (by threat-bully/ ) Ukraine to help himself alone politically, Conservatives generally say nothing.

A crime, per se? No! Untoward, yes!

But, what is high crime or misdemeanor, as regards POTUS...a political province?

"High misdemeanor?" perhaps. Certainly untoward...is this they way America does business?

Bullying may be trumps way but is it America's? Lack of legal specificity is not only not a benchmark...!

Is this American governance? What "We, the People" want?

Your choice dodger!


Interesting, CNN reporting “FBI official is under investigation for altering Russia probe documents. How could this be? No deep state. Right?


JD is correct, “ It's only a crime Hive if it is 100% provable and unequivocal. Which will not be the case. As the weasel republicans and their dictator will undoubtedly get off on...”

Also the bribe has to come from a foreign country to entice the POTUS to act in their best interests not US best interests to be an impeachable offense.


Thank God Dick Durbin was pushing a Bill to cut off Pentagon funds unless Trump released the Aid for Ukraine.

Durbin said, referring to the release of the aid. “It’s beyond a coincidence that they released it the night before our vote in the committee.”

Looks like Durban gave Trump a get out of impeachment card since the funds weren’t released due to Whistleblower. Lol


It's only a crime Hive if it is 100% provable and unequivocal. Which will not be the case. As the weasel republicans and their dictator will undoubtedly get off on...

As such, injustice will be done regardless of republican lemmings being unaware they are still walking towards a cliff...

The damage done to our democracy from this presidency is going to destroy our nation in the future, by making them/POTUS not held accountable to law.

We know how history works on this one. The paths of dictators and nationalist methods. When they start deporting our citizens and trying to silence the press?

More of this to come in the future. We've studied these roads all too often. At least some of us have. Those of us that are capable of studying..


BTW, it is a crime to obstruct justice and bribe.

Moreover, seems "Ukraine aid" remains withheld. If so, what does POTUS have to say about that tidbit?


And remember:

"Empty barrels, make the most noise!"


"Alternative truth!" A lie or untruth is never anything else!

Interesting complaint about the lack of killing in Ukraine when O lived in our White House, but nothing said, when Putin is treated like a beloved celeb...please!

Last I heard, leopards cannot alter coats...smoke indicates fire...and simple is best, please do not spread road apples further than you can toss stones from glass houses!

Be careful for what you wish for...you may just get the government you deserve! Dinger!


Is it a lie that Trump authorized the sale of Javelin Missiles to Ukraine while Obama authorized blankets and meals?

In 2015 Republican Sen. John McCain said, "The Ukrainians are being slaughtered and we're sending blankets and meals," "Blankets don't do well against Russian tanks."

One has to ask, what did Obama mean when he said “tell Putin, I’ll have more flexibility after the election “. What kind of “Deal” did Obama make with Russia to keep lethal weapons out of the hands of Ukraine Army?


True Hive, but the sadder part is how a lie, a known lie, can be carried through as truth in the deluded mind of those whom believe anything a tyrant leader feeds them.

I make no illusions that the conduct of the president in this instance doesn't constitute anything necessarily illegal. But the utter delusional notion of those whom believe there weren't any levels of coercion, extortion, bribery or quid quo? Only to makeup a 100% lie that real corruption was being investigated? A lie that Ambrose here wrote an entire article on that is totally false. Those people are lying only onto themselves...

Truth is simple, but people find it easier to believe lies if it suits their dim witted mind's purpose. Especially when all they can do is regurgitate drivel from their party and its' media outlets without any semblance of real, inner intelligence.

The American public, has become something right out of the show of Seinfeld in the notso wise words of George Costanza,

"It's not a lie, if you believe it..."


What is basically at issue here is "honest propriety." What does American gain when its leaders act like enemy tyrants and "do deals" like them.

Is not this exactly what the problem is in the world...political "bachshish?" May be accept able business form, but corporations are already known for ill-manners and selfish inclinations.

The afore mentioned untoward, ill-manneredly and untruthful acts are what they are.

Truth is simple, lies are not so simple, as politicians (on both sides) have made clear.

Amen. American must make "We the People..." attend a higher bar than selfish and ignorant "me-ism!"

What have we become?


Ambrose is retarded!


Hive - “ Egad, when are people going to wake up?”. You means the ones that fell asleep during the Bomb Shell Democrat Impeachment hearings? In which whiteness have repeatedly stated, “there was no quid pro quo, no bribery, no extortion.” Well, they will have to wait until December 11th when DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz testifies about his report on FISA and the origins of the Russian probe.

Obama on hot mic states “tell Putin I’ll have more flexibility after the election” then refuses to give Ukraine javelin missals after Russia invades and instead gives them blankets and you want to impeach Trump who approved issuing Ukraine javelin missiles to fight Russians. Yet you claim it’s the Republicans that are “sheer evil”.

Amazing, Simply Amazing.


Jay +1


Exactly Hive. Political boondoggle. Garbage from both sides it seems in this theatric impeacment.

Although I find it highly convenient that the right can suddenly inject a counter point that says Biden's interests really constituted real corruption to be investigated? Yeah friggin' right. There is 0. No proof of this.

Volker, who was appointed BY Trump, testified and said himself that Biden was guilty of no wrongdoing in Ukraine and that Giuliani was making up conspiracy theories.

What we have here are friggin' liars from this administration that will make up anything, ruin and smear the careers of diplomats, change the facts, anything to deflect what really happened:

A president abusing his power to investigate a political opponent. Not necessarily illegal, but despicable in every regard to the integrity and dignity of the office.


The Swamper-in-Chief...draining the swamp is not what is being done! As a matter of fact, going over all the bullroar Trump has issued, even since beginning his election run, all he said or used to call others names, was simply what he has always done Himself...ding-dong...!

Fake news? Who lies out of hand?

Deals? Who threatens when things go awry, meaning when bribes fail? Egad, when are people going to wake up?

Trump is a disaster walking. Not that HRC is more moral, she may nod a lot, but she doesn't lie as habit!

Then we can dissect this pumpkin's lack of commonsense as a function of spoiled-wealth!

Americans who back this selfish faduck we elected and his mincing-hovering VP are prey and what the Republican party has morphed into...sheer evil...

The gutter on the right and left sides of the solid middle of the road collects garbage, to paraphrase Ike...who may have been the last honest and unselfish conservative, Jerry Ford notwithstanding!

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