Sen. Bernie Sanders, 78 years old, is back in the saddle again after his recent heart attack, attracting 26,000 enthusiasts at a rally in New York City and once more venting his hateful bigotry, renewing his war on liberty and planning to spend us into poverty.

Economically speaking, he is utterly confused, but voters like promises of free stuff and many share his anti-corporate fervor.

Some people today understand socialism so poorly that they think it is a good idea and they are with him when he snarls about corrupt, greedy rich people dictating governmental policies and capitalism destroying our lives.

Jay Ambrose mug

Jay Ambrose

It’s amazing to me that people who call our president a hater don’t hear the bitter nastiness in Sanders’ voice almost every time he talks and that they don’t catch on that his stereotypical, degrading generalities about free markets are ignorant, immature, hippy-style prejudice, pure and simple.

What was recently dumbfounding was when he attacked Sen. Elizabeth Warren during a debate. He angrily belittled her for saying she was a capitalist down to her bones even though she agrees with him on his most absurd policy proposals.

Neither of the two is quite yet socialist in the worst meaning of the word, namely government ownership of just about everything. But both are for all-powerful central planners putting their omniscience to work as a substitute for free choice by millions who best understand their particular circumstances even in the absence of hoity-toity credentials.

The duo doesn’t get it that capitalism came from bungling European aristocrats finally granting freedom to middle class merchants and producers who innovated us into modernity.

It has helped confer dignity on the individual and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of misery while outright socialism has never worked. One form of it, communism, has killed 100 million people on the way to saving them.

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A great Sanders hope is to wipe out all private health insurance and replace it by having Medicare go from helping just the disabled and elderly to serving everyone for free.

Medicare is already running out of money and ready to help generate a crisis. Its Sanders-era costs could kaboom to something like $34 trillion a decade.

That’s on the order of two-thirds of total federal government revenue. Taxpayers would have to go into hiding, debt would leap off a cliff, other programs might have to be ditched and some hospitals getting reduced fees might collapse.

That’s not the end of it, of course, because some of the primary candidates also want, as just a few examples, free college, $1.53 trillion in student debt paid off by the innocent, $1,000 a month for every adult out there and raises for all teachers eligible to vote, or so I guess.

Of course, they also favor the Green New Deal that would get rid of all fossil fuels, millions of jobs and sanity to be replaced by totalitarianism and ruin accomplishing nothing much.

The strange thing is President Donald Trump, seen as a golden-haired fool next to all these intellectual wonders, has helped give us the lowest unemployment and highest wages in decades and the best economic benefits for African-Americans in history.

Instead of submerging capitalism, he helped buoy it and thereby our living conditions by reducing regulations and taxes.

Here are some principles leftists should learn: that government is not God and will often make problems worse instead of solving them, that overwhelming, hurried change will inevitably produce unintended consequences, that incrementalism allows for the repair of mistakes as they happen and that citizens have rights and brains.

They should also listen to the president of Denmark, who tried to convey to Sanders that prosperous Scandinavian countries are not socialist and to the president of Venezuela who says his country is indeed an example of democratic socialism that will sooner or later defeat the starvation he won’t admit the socialism caused.

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Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at speaktojay@aol.com.


(39) comments


Just occurred to me. Brennan is admitting to the “Deep State” to get ahead criminal charges. Claiming he was responding to a higher call. I feel so relieved now that self appointed righteous people that We didn’t elect are in control and making decisions on what policy’s are right for America because we obviously don’t know any better. Exactly what the founders wanted.


Tell us, pray, its meaning?


Hive - Your denial of “Deep State” is amazing. Even Brennan has admitted as much.


"Deep state?" Your arse!


Bo, POTUS cannot "bring back" manufacturing. Making things like cars and stoves is a corporate enterprise and corps are like people and government, takes generation change to make larger changes. IOW not short term but strategic or long term. History is the guide and teacher...deal with that big boy and address the real disease, lest the patient dies and rots.


Bo, you must like taste of foot. The only material matter is the Constitution, we dingers get what we deserve. If a trial is political and the jury thinks what POTUS does is fine, amen...

If the dems screw up and DT is re elected less fine but, again, so be it!

If this unique experiment in the governed ruling themselves goes awry and citizens are content, amen to that also!

We always get what we deserve! That is one declaration I admit to making and evil is as evil does, amen to that too. Just be very circumspect re what you wish for; the zero-sum gambit is seldom successful strategically. If all turns out opposite, amen.


What ever you say Hive, what ever you say. As in “evil thrives when good men do nothing...”.

Like I said your and JD’s insults towards me has no affect on me, ie I couldn’t give a fduck.

The Senate will not impeach Trump, Trump will be elected again in 2020. Members of Deep State will be exposed and possibly serve jail time. Deal with it.


Dude, you need to return to your Dick and Jane reader! Re read post...only claim I recall making is being a retardo...in fact, I daresay I seldom make claims.

Some advice was just put on to by sweet gal I know...

"The less you give a fduck, the happier you'll be...Jack Nickelson(? spelling)

Poor Bo always has his slip showing...


Hive - As usual you claim to be innocent and wash your hands. “evil thrives when good men do nothing...”. Ever wonder why other conservatives don’t opine here anymore? Short answer it’s because you and JD resort to personal attacks and name calling when you don’t have a legitimate answer. Easy would be very disappointed in you. You guys can call me anything you want. Your opinion of me doesn’t make it true. Has no affect on me. But to use Down Syndrome and Retard to describe someone whom you disagree agree with is pathetic and disgusting. It’s disrespectful to people with this condition as if you are better or more deserving in some way. Grow up you’re not in Junior High any more.



A retard is a retard...

I must be a retard, as I have little idea what you refer too, Boyo Bo-tard...

You must move the rock overhead and do some introspection to alter your political "offs." Far too obviously narrow. Duh!


@hive.almighty.infalable.one. Another JFK conspiracy theory. Please, you want to rewrite history, have at it.

“ what's this democrat schidt?”. Just saying this free, free, free Democrat platform is not going to win them the WH. Hence, as several Democrat leaders have said “if we don’t impeach Trump he will win 2020 election. So basically if you can’t beat him impeach him. And there you sit dreaming about a Bloomberg or Romney last minute savior.

Way to dodge derogatory Down syndrome comment by your protege or should I say prodigy JD. ”Birds of a feather flock together.” Sorry I don’t recall where quote originated.


Correction, Democrat Socialist Agenda is a “negative-sum” game.


Seems to me that Democrat Socialist Agenda is a “zero-sum” game. JFK approach represents a “positive-sum” game.


BTW, the "ask not" comment did not originate with JFK...did it?


@ Bo. Dinger, what's this democrat schidt?

No appropriation for ed, lunch, or even simple voter protections, not to mention continuing Jim Crow crappola in South...

People in glass houses should not throw stones...

But hypocrites still figure they remain aloof from others in our village!

Whatever you say boyo!


Hive - Democrats need to go back and embrace JFK philosophy. They have lost their way with this ridiculous socialist agenda. JFK did not advocate free, free, free. “

“ And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

Does this speech by JFK sound socialist to you?


We have truly lost our way. (Both Parties) IMO


We are lost, IMO, only when we allow money to "trump" truth. IOW, when we look to wants (shortterm) versus needs, zero-sum over non-zero sum, when we smother good with selfishness and allow evil...recall, evil thrives when good men do nothing...

And recall the prophetic words from the Middle Ages, which we see unfolding today, "what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Thing is deceiving Others is to deceive Self.


Hive - your opinion “ , JD has forgotten quite a bit more than you have even looked at, much less absorbed.” does not make it a fact. I have found more often than not, people like you and JD that brag about their intelligence or go out of their way to disparage others intelligence usually lack intelligence. You may want to talk to your protege JD about using persons with disabilities as a derogatory comment. But then again you may just want to continue to stroke his ego.” JD, the sentiment is understood and makes sense.”


JD - “ And it doesn't matter if you're a moron like Bo,”. “ Like down syndrome incapable”. Really pathetic, using “down syndrome “ as a derogatory comment against a person with a different opinion than yours. Speaks volumes to the person you are.


Aye! JD. Aye! We all pretend toooool much...


Eloquently put Hive, and right on the money. Myself is not as cynical either, devils advocate. Still more cynical than you tho. Atheist also. Religion causes so much pain and hate. Jesus would be ashamed of his current followers. Horrible to see a world where people feign empathy and caring through christ, only to exploit others and the world. Convince them against their own best interests in this world and onto the next. That is the evil soullessness I perceive from conservative christian ultimate hypocrisy. All about yourself and the free ride out of here rather than help humanity. People as means to an end to each other, and onto God as well.

Hope, or perceived hope can only exist in what I've espoused before, and I believe it is the only path to enlightenment. Either tear the veil that we can't provide a better world for everyone to live in, or perish with everyone else as we destroy it.

"Becoming" means growing up as a civilization, taking responsibility. Yet we are all still children being bullies on a playground for candy and turf. So it has been for all eternity, so it will always be. Nothing new under the sun...



Well, JD, perhaps what you say may exist to a greater extent then what most do...only because they are too busy staying alive or to self-oriented to step outside of self to "become" more of a person...

I am not generally so cynical, though I may seem so at times.

I think that Franzen got it right. People tend to ignore the truth and embrace the short term, forgetting they cannot avoid the long term...while some do step away from self to become more than a hollow shell. Mr. Trump is an example of the person who cannot step away from self. Mandela, Ghandi and so many others may be examples of those who tread the path of wisdom...to be brief.

If we are stones (Neitzchean fascist, Machiavellian, Falwelian hypocrites and so on) we are lost, but I do look for more potential in the human condition, as ratty as we are. Athiest bastardo I am.

One must ask, how did America become, if not for the "Enlightenment" of well meaning men?

Got to be more...


Hive, the thing is. We are easily duped. By ourselves. Retard or demotard. It's not us, or foreign intervention, or republicans or Trump. It's our apathy. Our lack of humanity. Just like that article you sent me. Why care for a better world, or who we have ruling us, if we get outta here for free? If we're easily distracted? If another cognac is around the corner for me or Bo?

There is no america, there is no democracy. The world and our country are run by 1s, 0s, and $$ signs.

And we are pawns for all eternity.

Deal with it dinger dodgers..


"JD - Actually I’m just glad a person with your intelligence is on the left."

Sarcasm indeed Bo.

Says everything about your intelligence or total lack thereof.

Says even more about the person that you are.

But that horse has already been fed on by scavengers, meat stripped, become sun bleached bones by now..


JD, the sentiment is understood and makes sense.

However, IMO, "we" did not vote for Trump-ity...;

"We" generally ducked HRC, who was "inserted" by DNC...the process was not the same, for same result.

Moreover, tax-change was a republican gambit House bill...or gambit for short term election "Pretend!" You get my drift...

Some very clueless air heads did not "want" to get it...but will soon get what they said they wanted...! And, not even considering the current Trump/conservative/ trillion$ budget.

Who suffers most? Dinger will be howling come January...believe it. What air-ness!


Paper brain...have a remote clue how a (deduction) sum (s) generates even a $100 tax change + or - ?

As stated, nothing reported changed...basically same return for 20 + years...save very inconsequential "deductions."


JD - Actually I’m just glad a person with your intelligence is on the left.


Bolake, JD has forgotten quite a bit more than you have even looked at, much less absorbed...please!



Hive - “ Why would gross tax go up, with no change in revenue ”. Quite simple , you lost a deduction, a loop hole was closed or you made a mistake.

“ People know the truth, but they "pretend," going for whatever is more immediate...” Yeah, like Democrats thinking Impeachment is the answer to 2020 election.


Check this out though. It's more insane than just that. We had the veiled pulled over our eyes in the housing and financial crisis. So that big businesses could steal over 2 million American homes, then go broke, and have the taxpayers front the bill to get bailed out from it as well. Now those people that rigged that system to fail and do that are in the Trump administration.

Draining the swamp? THE biggest f'ing lie ever...

And yet, half the American people voted for the guy. A guy that was in on it with the people that robbed us of our homes and caused the last financial crisis. Not only are republicans too stupid to know the difference between socialism and communism, but between businessmen and a criminal overlord thieves.

Which is precisely what this administration is.

The office is tainted forever.


Taxes are driven by gross rev less whatever.

Why would gross tax go up, with no change in revenue and whatevers, other than a business bent Congress changing the tax code laws?

January surprise in wings?

People know the truth, but they "pretend," going for whatever is more immediate...inevitable doom awaits all, like I said, we are born and we die (inevitables) what we do between defines us...period.

Not what we say we do...

Some of us do taxes later, by legal choice...some who thirst for refund do early. "Mox nix!"


"...et all....Neither of the two is quite yet socialist in the worst meaning of the word, namely government ownership of just about everything." - Ambrose

LOL. Hive check this out. We've talked about it numerous times. The most predictable thing. Always man. And it's so funny, so friggin' hilarious every single instance, every single time it happens. It's like a mental block, a wall or a barrier of penultimate ignorant stupidity that republicans and conservatives will never overcome. They simply don't understand the difference between socialism and communism. And it doesn't matter if you're a moron like Bo, or a supposed reputable columnist writer like Ambrose here (also a moron). They are incapable. Like down syndrome incapable. And then the conservative right wonders why all the intellectuals are on the left?

My goodness...gladly, and rightly so...


For sake of discussion let’s say that Trump had nothing to do with lowest unemployment, higher wages and stellar stock market. What do you really think will happen to the economy if Bernie or Elizabeth were to be elected? I have no doubt they would blame Trump when it crashes.

If Democrat 2020 hopefuls want my vote they need to pander to my needs. Instead of Free College and Student Loan Debt Forgiveness they need to advocate No Income Taxes on people over 65 years old in retirement. Lol


Hive - If you just did your 2018 Taxes you failed the BSA motto. I did my taxes at end of January and had my refund by March. Largest or second largest return ever. You need a better accountant. I did hear that a few wealthy people lost some double dipping tax deductions and had to pay a little more on their 2018 taxes. Perhaps you are one of those people in which case my comment on better accountant does not apply. If Bernie or Elizabeth get in your tax increase will be a lot more than $2,000. No argument from me on reducing National Debt. However, $1.2 Trillion puts him on par with Obama. Actually I would say Trump is doing better than Obama. Obama doubled the debt over Bush. Seems like Trump is holding the line.

In reality it is Congress that establishes the budget. POTUS just signs it. It’s not that we don’t tax people enough, it’s just that Congress spends too much.


"Lowest unemployment; highest wages and, unconnected, high stock market..."Let's Pretend some more..."crash" and reality hits the fan...

Then what boyo? Watch Donald tun; and when he does, listen to him lie!


"We shall see.!"..sayeth the captain. The BSA motto used to be "Be Prepared!" I just did my 2018 taxes, the taxes went up $2000, round figures. Nice!

Jobs; economy, lots of views but it comes down to GNP less debt. Current deficit looks to exceed $1.2 trillion...daresay we are about to hear the fat lady sing.

Need to cease playing "Let's Pretend," seems to a growing cadre!


Who wants” the lowest unemployment and highest wages in decades and the best economic benefits for African-Americans in history. ”. When you can just have free stuff ?

Lock Him Up, and let the free stuff begin.


Just occurred to me, DT just might not"cut and run," might just try to hang in WH as his new apartment, dinger never has had a real home anyway...so he gets clothes to match his face - orange.

Well, either way, he is a dinger who makes us all look foolish.

We get the government we deserve, boyos and lassies...your choice!


Seems to me, with so many people, some sort of "social-ism" will be needed...economy is flat, pop up, what's the answer, more corporate? Bullroar...people need to stop pretending and deal with life as it happens, not as we think it should happen...

The world no-cares what we think, so get to it!

Lying, selfish Trump gets the boot! Biden no...well who then?

Someone who has serious future stake and "knows it."

No politics, just "lock and load" living.

Get to it...no complaints if you're a lout, expecting good, for nothing...ain't gonna happen, dinger.

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