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The two most notable things Democrats came up with after President Donald Trump’s astonishing State of the Union address was the governor of Michigan spouting hooey as part of the Democratic response and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping a paper version of his speech in half.

It all fit a pattern of Democrats needlessly overstating Trump’s voluminous faults, dodging his achievements and finally finding it necessary to play games to get him.

Consider, for instance, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer saying that wages have stagnated all over the country during the Trump term when the truth is what the economist Steve Moore has said: Average household incomes of the middle class have gone up $5,003 under three years of Trump as compared to $1,200 under seven years of Obama. Wages have been rising especially for many at the bottom, consumer confidence is up and, of course, profits are up and the stock market is rising.

Oh, that’s just for the rich, it is said, even though 55% of Americans benefit from stock increases.

Trump discussed such issues, as well as how the economic advances have been especially helpful to the disabled, women, workers without high school degrees and African-Americans.

Concerning this minority group, he spoke of his program growing new businesses in black neighborhoods, legislation giving more financial support to black colleges and universities, and reform of federal prisons.

It is not just black Americans who benefit from the prison program, of course, but people of all races, just as all of us also benefit from a strengthened military and the fact that we are now energy independent. To underline his points, the TV cameras would occasionally visit the balcony and focus on everyday American heroes with dramatic stories.

The Trump narrative adds up to a whole lot, something remarkable in so many directions, but especially the economy.

What are the Democrats supposed to do about this? He has already done through capitalism much of what they want to do with more big government and they aren’t about to fix what he has done wrong. The national debt? It could ruin the economy. Trump is doing next to nothing about it but the Democrats’ absurd spending ideas would make it unbelievably worse and their proposed tax hikes would not even pay for their new programs.

Progressives hate the man and it is understandable given his pettiness, his vindictiveness, his vulgarity, his sloppily expressed notions so easy to misread, his lack of coherence, his narcissism, his sense of how they actually look down on millions of Americans and his own suspected bigotry.

On top of all that, the Democrats want power and what goes with it and they have given us three years of democratic destructiveness in an effort to get rid of him.

The Russian collusion investigation was a farce and this latest impeachment effort was suspicious from the whistleblower to inadequate and unfair House hearings to the four-week delay in passing “overwhelming” evidence to the Senate, soon told to seek out more.

For all of this, Trump was surprisingly eloquent in his call for unity at the end of his speech, in saying that, if the men and women of Congress could somehow stand above their “differences” and take advantage of their “inheritance,” they could “conquer the unknown.”

He talked about setting sights on the “brightest star” and “walking forward together,” simultaneously rekindling “the bonds of love and loyalty and memory that link us together as citizens, as neighbors, as patriots.”

Trump had missed shaking hands with Pelosi when he walked on the stage, either intentionally or unintentionally, and she then introduced him, leaving out traditional words of high respect for the office.

As he spoke, she sat behind him making faces like a spoiled fifth-grader, and then, like a teenage vandal, she began ripping his written speech apart as he walked off the stage and millions watched on TV.

The act had symbolic meaning, of course. The Democrats are ripping our democracy and possibilities of unity apart in order to have their way even as Trump’s favorability ratings go up.

Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at speaktojay@aol.com.


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Yes Hive. They change their name all the time like the weasels that they are. Don't they?

Only been a pol for 3 years but he's been a hateful, spiteful, loud mouth, people laws and business exploiting stooge his entire life.

Someone that inherited Daddy's money, so he could buy wives, prostitutes, apartments, tv shows, and the souls of moronic conservatives to follow him.

Someone to be real proud of like all the other greats in history...

You know, like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Putin, Kim....

Be real, real proud Amurika...

Bruce Montplaisir

Trump and his allies rip up the constitution and Pelosi ripped up a paper with lies such as the guy who is doing his best to kill the ACA and health coverage for pre existing condition saying he is doing just the opposite. When Trump mocked the words of Jesus Crist at the prayer breakfast on Friday morning I expected a reaction but was surprised by the cheers. It kind of tells us where evangelicals, the reputnican party and our nation is headed.


"... Teabilly?


Mr. jdinifinity3, I’m calling bullroar on “ Trump ripped up democracy long ago before Pelosi.”. Trump has only been a Pol for 3 years. Pelosi on the other hand has been a Pol for more than 4 decades.

Also don’t recall Bush 43 getting credit for the fantastic Obama economy. I believe it was quite the opposite.


Nothing more than a two bit stunt acted out by a two bit Democrat leader. Showing her Hate for Trump is greater than her Love for America.


Trump ripped up democracy long ago before Pelosi.

Uniting people under a guise of nationalist hatred and pride is nothing to be proud of.

Economic benefits and growth always get attributed to current administrations when the ones before paved the real way.

Bullroar words, promises of hope and change cannot make up for lies, and the despicable individual behind them.


Classic dismissal of a dinger...basically wordless...ignore the bully publicly and rip his selfish practices privately...dude is a disease! A once high standard nation is in need of intgelligent cure. DT, potus (low case intended) is not it.

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