If you’re thinking of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, you need maximum compassion, and liberals don’t have it.

Promises of more money for lots of people can make voters ridiculously happy if they don’t understand that more for some always means less for others.

So the liberals get elected, do their thing and ruin lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged of our fellow citizens.

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Jay Ambrose

Here’s a big issue just underlined in a report by the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office. It says increasing the current $7.25 minimum wage by that much could fatten the wallets of 17 million workers.

That sounds great except that, maybe for 1.3 million others, it could bring their paychecks to zero. They could lose their jobs, knock on doors and probe the internet for maybe weeks and months and then possibly retire to watching TV and sighing a lot.

Such calculations are, of course, just educated guesses that other guesses of higher or less erudition may dispute.

The Heritage Foundation, for instance, says that a wage boost to $15 would affect a third of those earning wages and salaries and could put a devastating 7 million of them on the streets. The chief beneficiaries would be suburban teens and, some economists say, entrepreneurs would be made more timid.

The point is that businesses would have to come up with the extra money one way or the other, an obvious means being to lay people off, usually the less skilled sometimes replaceable by technology. The fired then don’t get the experience leading to better jobs in the future and won’t wish liberals a place in heaven.

Businesses may also raise prices, thereby reducing purchasing power for people who often can’t afford the squeeze. The owners could also substitute part-time jobs for full-time jobs or, if nothing worked well, close their operations, a deprivation not just to them, but to other employees and the community.

Another issue is that a federal minimum wage of $15 might seem appropriate for the economy of one state or area while it would be malware for another.

But never mind. Right now, as you might have noticed, we’ve got a bunch of Democrats running in a primary that they hope will advance their cause of White House residence.

On this issue, they could opt for a lower minimum wage to help reduce the negatives, but at least 19 of the candidates like $15. An argument is that the current minimum wage has been squatting in a corner for years while wages in general have been stagnant. Some would have you know it’s all because of the greedy rich exploiting workers with Republican aid.

Nope. A Republican named President Donald Trump has raised wages, with unemployment rates reaching historic lows even as cheers of hallelujah fail to reach Democratic ears.

Trump’s tool was not governmental impositions making businesses seek a place to hide, but deregulation and tax reform. The economic system was free at last, or headed that way, and corporations expanded and created jobs.

Oh no, it didn’t happen, say the Democrats who lately have been giving socialism a hug and want to raise taxes on all those corporations, thereby undoing what Trump accomplished.

Their other plan is to spend like crazy. And look, one of Trump’s major weaknesses has been ignoring the debt, but these people could rush us to a crisis in a minute.

To help fix everything gone crazily amiss, there would be their minimum wage hikes and, soon enough, the public would realize they are on the Titanic even as an opportunistic captain keeps saying don’t worry.

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Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at speaktojay@aol.com.


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jd +1. EXACTLY


Uneducated white men are the easy to control and manipulate. The world works so simply for them. Same? Good. Different? Bad. All black and white. Cro magnun idiocy. You speak loud, with crafty words? Me think it's true. Me believe you. Heck, it won Trump the last election. Just because people are stupid and ignorant enough to believe anything. Especially the right, where a vast number of their own friggin' poor and poverty ridden white male constituents are voting for candidates that are not in their best interests, because they're too stupid to know the difference..


Three years out from the election and everyday people are still asking, "how did "this" ever happen"? The answer to that, as the experts have said, is, UNEDUCATED WHITE MALES. And, I might add, they are also SEXIST.

Bruce Montplaisir

A lot of people think that sending 21 trillion dollars to a few people reduces the amount of money available for everyone else but this writer is convinced that restricting this nations resources to the few makes us stronger.


Whenever the minimum wage rises, it's just amazing how all those supposed things Ambrose and other republicans claim will happen, never do. Seemingly it's more important to pinch pennies off the working, middle class, to make an elite few rich, than bring people out of poverty. But the most despicable part about the conservative right, is the misleading you, like Ambrose does here, into thinking it is in your own best interest to not get paid more. All so others can get rich off you. That's just thievery at its' simplest. And one can accuse just one man for being a loafer, and stealing off the system. But a rich corporate business man? Some steal enough for a thousand men alone. And they don't even need that extra money to survive.


Well said!


Ambrose is a republican. duh ?


Czech +1.


This guy should be suspended and be sent back to Economics 101. What a political hack! First, if the minimum wage had been increased for the rate of inflation, it would be in the $10.50/hr, but that's beside the point. Anyone who is making a low wage will spend the majority of an increase on just surviving. That money spent on goods and services goes back into the economy increasing more jobs to supply the increased demand. Someone in the top income tax brackets that got Trumps tax cuts has most everything they need. The increased income either won't be spent or only spent in part. Send this bozo back to kindergarten.


Bullroar, all politicians who make poltics a living lie and ruin liberty. Arrogant dinger comment.

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