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DWYT, I have to juz for a second Hive....

"You and Hive want to be Dicks? I can be a Dick to."

Spoken like the person you are Bo.

There is no bigger in metaphor yet smaller in the literal sense.....of that we have no doubt...


Common sense...use it, dingers. Be very careful for what you wish...it might happen...


DWYT, JD, the too-predictable mouthings of those with extreme tunnel vision is all too obvious,



Sorry to disappoint you JD but I’ve never shed a tear about anything you or Hive have said about me. I pretty much laugh off your ridiculous statements. You make me look good. My little... wouldn’t fit up your arse as easy as Hives’s does but who knows, your arse is pretty big pretty much anything would fit up there. Does he pay you for stroking his lizard? Not that it matters because you two make such a cute couple. It’s not the size that matters but how you use it that counts, at least that’s what your mother told me when your dad wasn’t around. You and Hive want to be Dicks? I can be a Dick to.


Interesting. I am an evidence person. Mr. Bolake wrote above, "I can be a Dick to." Maybe the evidence has been presented, and accepted.


Awww.....did we make little girl Bo peep cry??

So profane for such a tiny little, little man, with probably, most definitely a little...

Matches the size of your pea-sized brain...

Go follow your flock dinger, those sheep must be looking mighty fine for you today...


JD do you know the difference between brown nose and $hitt Faced? Depth perception. With your head up Hives’s arse you are the latter.


Hive - So what you’re saying is you don’t self- flagellate (masturbate) because JD strokes your lizard.

You’re a Tool Hive, a Real Tool.


Bo, I read Ambrose's opine.

I also read below comments.

JD enumerates your gambits accurately.

We all are only what we do, not what we say (claim) we do.

Continue your self-flagellation (masturbation), with your choir devious.

I also have no time for it.



Hive - Stay focused. Jay Ambrose Said after years of public service that Sam died with only $15,000 in the bank. He also mentioned Nancy has amassed $29 Million. Sorry if you missed the connection Jay made about people amassing fortunes while in public service.


Hive u should just take a page out of my new book in these forums as I've discussed with you at Mullis. Dunno why you bother with this dinger? My days of doing so are at an end, I can tell you that.

If someone is mentally incapable of being on the level, just ignore 'em.

Bo is an idiot, along with his dinger president, and doesn't deserve any feedback in these forums to stroke his self absorbed narcissistic ego like his prez...

He barely reads the articles or our responses, he doesn't inform himself on the issues other than regurgitating fox news, and all his arguments are off subject political changes to deflect actually discussing the issues at hand.

Besides, any person that could say something so stupid, so asinine as he did that one time with,

"People that talk smart just do it because they really aren't smart"

Is an idiot...case and point.....and doesn't deserve any attention to the drivel they spew forth. The guy spelled 'witness' as 'whitness' for cyring out loud. Such is a level of stupidity beyond unbelievable...


Bo, Who mentioned money?

Money is not the issue...duh!



Hive - you can’t handle the truth.

I believe I am on point. Deal with it!

When Sam died, after years of serving in Congress he had $15,000 in the bank. Nancy is now worth over $29 Million. All gained while serving in Congress. YetNancy wants to put Trump in prison. For what making $Millions prior to serving as POTUS?


Bo, Do you read stuff, or just go off, with your roadapples?

You wish to make a point, stay on point!


“Pot calling kettle black”. I don’t see it that way. Pelosi and Husband made their $Millions after Nancy was elected. Trump made his $Millions before he was elected. More like Apple and Oranges . IMO


What is sad is American apathy...how loose we have become...with our own integrity (defenses).

We seem to be too want-oriented, proportionately more than "need oriented."

A nation of I got or will get "mine." Won't work!

Maybe we need a war to scare us half to death to get our selfish arses in gear!


Pot calling the kettle black.

How many other republican congressmen make the same shady inside deals? Countless.

How many of them blatantly follow policies, including destructive energy policies, at the expense of our health and safety? ALL.

And real estate? Really?

Who the cretins that tanked the financial system , only to be rewarded with jobs working in the cabinet of the president? Drain the swamp, a total total joke...

Ambrose once again, showing is hypocritical idiocy in full bloom in the irony of cold winter...

The republican way of pointing fingers to deflect responsibility for abhorrent behaviour of their own..



Tell you what, when Sam ran things, even the Senate toed the line...

Drinking tea is nothing new, save going along en masse with obvious lies is not!

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