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lemon drop

What! An opposing opinion! How dare you! I'm going to start calling you names! Dingers and Dodgers. Or? If I was elected crappola . Same old @&>/ different day.


Mr. Johnson brings a breath of fresh air, articulation, logic and reason, into an opinion column, mostly dominated by label loving denizens, who regard an opposing opinion as heresy, to be silenced at any cost.


Mr. jdinifinity3, forgot to add... it’s not me you’re irked at. It’s that after 8 years you are no longer allowed to run roughshod in this forum. It’s not as if Mr. Hive didn’t warn you “be careful what you wish for.” Hope I quoted correctly.


Mr. Hive, “ We will rue Jan 31, 2020 thanks to us!”. I believe you have the wrong date. The correct date is January 5, 1999. Famously know as the second Biden Rule.


You are correct, “ What goes around comes around...always.“


Mr. jdinifinity3, I believe the correct phrase is... I couldn’t care less.

Perhaps you forgot, it was Bolake that was banned first all because your feelings got hurt. You or someone in your cabal singled him out and ganged up on him, for content no different than what you have been posting for nearly 8 years. Once Bolake was banned it was only a matter of time before WDN had to address your behavior on the forum. You gave them no choice. It’s not about hypocrisy it’s about fairness.


Dems get a free advert? How about freedom, or its lessening?

What happens when slumbering America awakens to the reality of short term versus strategy...

Win a short term ttacktical) battle and lose the war? John Adams, steaming Tory (republican) road apples is not what the Declaration was about, seems to me.

We the (selfihs) People; another "banana replublic"...?

What goes around comes around...always.

We will rue Jan 31, 2020 thanks to us!


My case and the impeachment are not relateable, whatsoever. For a simple reason as posited below.

"It’s ok for false accuser to destroy your personal life and career?"

If they broke the law. Absolutely. Whistleblowing is about pointing out corruption in government, in which people are protected, by law for showing that someone else is breaking the law. To protect their job, persona life and so forth.

In the impeachment case, this was valid, as the president was corrupt, did abuse his power, and did break the law, especially by obstruction, but will get away with it because of partisan right wing support.

As for myself, here? I never got to face my accuser, only the jury judge and executioner. And I didn't care who it was. Because I knew I was guilty of my crimes. I have been for years. But the real crime here, was me being singled out, ganged up on, for content no different than what I've posted here for almost 8 years. All because some whiny conservative hypocrite got his baby feelings hurt about the very free speech they'd claim to endorse more than the liberals.

But to summarize, it's your two-faced, corporate sellout, condescending hypocrisy that irks me Johnson. I could care less about my accuser.


Did you see the look on Justice Robert’s face when he read Ms. Warren’s question on his legitimacy? Priceless.


Ok, Mr jdinifinity3, let’s say the shoe is on the other foot and it is you that stand trial. You tell me you’re ok not knowing the accuser. What if said accuser makes false claims that you cannot defend unless you know who this person is and what their motive is. What credibility is given to a faceless accuser. It’s ok for false accuser to destroy your personal life and career? Answer carefully as I distinctly remember you asking me how you were banned from this forum and by whom.


Ok Johnson.

So I guess it's more important to follow the rule of law, even if it may jeopardize and destroy the personal life and career of another individual.

That is asanine.

If republicans had it their way, we'd still have people strung up in the streets, tarrred and feathered like the old days.

As always, no respect for the basic dignity of humanity.

Basically it means, if they get caught, they can take someone down with them.

How un-empathetic, selfish and childish is that?

No surprising considering the source.


J, may be so, but courts say what the law is (Marshall) and passed a law. Unconstitutional?

No checks?

Seems one has rights and does not, depending upon the venue! As it has always been.


And Roberts just shut Rand Paul...for a Chief Justice...interesting how laws can be conveniencies...even for enemies, if they exist - in law?


Mr. Hive, No, the whistleblower is not legit. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to know your accusers.


Answer the fargin question. Yes or No? Simple enough!


Too much "I" not enough "we" to me makes bogus bullroar.


Mr. jdinifinity3, “ I assert that this article is the biggest lie yet then.” Could be true. However, I’m not concerned about Democrats getting free TV ads, Trump gets them every day. Only fair they should get some free stuff. I’m not convinced the the free ads are helping their cause to win the 2020 election. As I stated earlier, I’m not interested in hearing from the Bidens. My interest is whistleblower and Schiff connections.


Mr. Hive, “ Easier to buy bogus bullroar, ain't it?”. You tell me you seem to buy a lot.


The "whistle blower" isn't legit by law? No Dersh-etc calls.

Easier to buy bogus bullroar, ain't it?


Mr. Johnson, I assert that this article is the biggest lie yet then.

C'mon, we're not stupid. Only convenient for the republicans to cry fowl after the fact of investigating Biden, only because it suits their case. People aren't stupid. They know darn well this wasn't a reason to investigate and justify withholding funds for Ukranian corruption UNTIL AFTER Trump was going to be impeached. Seriously? Dummies. Justice dept. and others could've investigated that years ago. But we all know that the rich giving board positions and spoils to their spoiled brat friends and kids is nothing new in Washington. Both parties turn a blind eye to that crapola, unless it suits their purposes down the road apparently...

That is just blatant, outright lying to justify a case for the defense after the fact. And it shows the weasel republicans for what they truly are. Trying to shift blame and coverup what their el presidente got caught doing...


If you listen to the defense, you’ll find out who the liars are, AND IT ISN’T THE REPUBLICANS


Mr. Hive, in regards impeachment and witnesses. I’m not interested in hearing from The Bidens. We all know what that’s all about. I’m OK with Bolton being called to testify. Nothing he can say would make a difference. IMO.

The witnesses I’m most interested in are so called whistleblower and Adam Schiff. So called whistleblower was cited in the Muller report. Would be interesting to know how many times he has tried to take Trump down and failed. Also interested in the Schiff/whistleblower relationship since Schiff’s full time job for last 3 years has been to take Trump down.


Mr. Hive, you have stated more times than I can remember, “All Pols Lie.” So gives us three options.

Trust but verify.

Judge them for what they do, not what they say.

“What difference does it make?”


@ Mr. Johnson; Khanski, Packerfan, ne Bolake, ne other noms, Lemon Drop and whomever:

Do you trust liars?

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