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You mean the ones that make our furniture in Arcadia, pluck our chickens, work on our houses and other construction? People that have families here, lives here, that will have to wait 20 years just to get citizenship because of new policies by your POTUS?

They're such horrible people. Lets build walls that won't work and mow them down with machine gun drones at the border.


JD - I have no problem with legal immigration. We take in 1 Million legal immigrants every year.. it’s the 1 Million illegal immigrants a year I have issues with.


Nice, that might be the smartest thing you done here that I ever seent. Trying to cover all your bases. Smooth... Too bad your history on immigrants says differently.

*drone machine gun fire rattles on in the distance*


Bruce - What about the culture that devalued life by legalizing abortion?

For the record I denounce White Supremacy, the KKK and any other hate group.


But you support tRump who supports white nationalism, racism, David Duke, and the KKK. You do not get to have it both ways.


Incorrect Khansky. That is another ignorant misnomer about the democrats that republicans espouse. The parties switched sides over time.


Amongst MANY other articles on the subject matter.

Yet another idiot republican not knowing what he's talking with. But with you Khansky, that's no surprise at at all. Even Bo is light years ahead of you. Which is sadder than anything I can imagine...


Bruce +1

Bruce Montplaisir

Cynthia Allen is correct that culture created the El Paso shooter. The culture that created the El Paso shooter is made up of people excusing white supremacists and the Ku Klux Clan, which was revived by conservative evangelicals. The implication by Allen that Trump didn’t have anything to do with creating the El Paso shooter is kind of implying that a member of a crew building a building has nothing to do with putting up the building because it is the construction crew that put up the building. The Catholic Church leaders were very supportive of the Trump campaign, knowing what kind of a person he has been for decades. Articles advising Catholics to “Vote Right” appeared in Catholic publications prior to the 2016 election. The idea that Trump would change the language and behavior he has used and demonstrated for decades, once he became president, seems at odds with catholic marriage counselors who tell people they probably will not be able to change their fiancée once they are married.


And then there are presidents, who lie through their teeth, with words prophesying, if you like your Dr. or health plan, you can keep it.

As a point of history, through the years, the Democrats were the supporters of so called 'white supremacy' & the KKK,

Bruce Montplaisir

And there are presidents who lie 10 to 15 times a day, every day, all day long. At some point in history it may well be true that democrats supported white supremacy and the KKK however the people supporting those organizations have always been conservatives wanting to conserve a past history that worked to their advantage.


We reap, and never learn...duh! We get only what we deserve...! Duh!

Cannot pass on what we do not know!!!!!!!!!!

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