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The sun doesn’t always shine

The wind doesn’t always blow

Coal is always going to get the job done


Renewables are a farse. Don't believe for one second that they will solve our energy crisis or save the planet. It's tantamount to liberal hippy brain programming hogwash you've been politically force fed, and yes, this is coming from someone in these forums who believes himself/myself to be left leaning.

You can research it for yourself. The amount of money it would cost is unreal, the space unreasonable (especially solar), the results, negligible. Not as polluting? Yes. Sustainable? No. Having friends that work in the solar industry, I can tell you that the parts and infrastructure is already falling prey to planned obsolescence on a disgusting, despicable level. Those arrays are made to fail. And that's only what I know about just the solar as first hand knowledge..

Sorry. Renewables are wishful thinking, at a cost we can't afford.

Thorium based breeder reactors are the best solution, and should be our future to energy freedom and independence...

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