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Wow. What a disconnect of reality. Had to do a double take on this drivel article. Utterly garbage.

"According to Lovelace, the women who orchestrated the attack on the nominee were motivated by a desire to undermine his ability to overturn Roe v. Wade. While they might have legitimately been concerned about sexual assault and harassment,"

What a friggin' joke of a line. Seriously?

But what if society bended and yielded to the pressures of reality, and that these allegations were actually true, and assault and rape occurred? And then it was swept under the rug, as were the other 2 allegations, furthermore as acceptance that a lie purported, was a true incident of reality? We will never know. But this is beyond despicable.

What I do know is this. I mean. C'mon!! When you put a statement like this?!?!, "the right to obtain an abortion established by Roe v. Wade... After the election of Donald Trump, progressive women knitted their hats and started marching."

How ignorant can one be? How such attitudes, that pervasive sexism and demeaning of women, to take their place, should be tolerated regardless in 21st century society? Belittling and berating real victims of sexual assault, whilst trying to make themselves the victims? These are absolutely infuriating and despicable tactics. Straight out of the playbook of the conservative right. All while they try to roll back more rights for women, in the states, the courts, and in the highest laws of the land. Then dually play victim, while they dodge responsibility, in defense of the most reprehensible of behaviours and crimes such as sexual assault and rape. Then condescendingly tell others to take their place, buck up and deal with it.

An evil party indeed. That can convince women, the poor, the religious, and many many others, to agree to policies and attitudes not in their own best interests. While they literally rape u from right out under them. Now that is evil.

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