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Donald Trump has angered progressives in so many ways recently — including mean tweets to Swedish teenagers, mean letters to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and mean comments about women in the Squad — that it’s difficult to recall the earliest days of their animus.

But a recent incident reminded me of one of the first real post-election tantrums from the left: The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia.

It wasn’t so much that the Democrats disliked Gorsuch.

The thing that annoyed his critics was their belief that the seat should have gone to Merrick Garland, the man who had been nominated by President Obama and who had been denied a confirmation vote by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. I actually agreed that Garland should have had a hearing, but that was Potomac water under the bridge.

Last week, Gorsuch appeared on “Fox and Friends” to promote his book “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.” On the left, some were livid that the justice would appear on a show which is generally considered to be in Trump’s pocket.

Lawyer and commentator Amee Vanderpool tweeted “Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch just appeared on Fox and Friends this morning, making a point to parrot the ‘Merry Christmas’ talking point of the GOP. If he’s willing to go on Fox and throw a shout out to Republican narratives, what else is he willing to do?”

Rolling Stone columnist Ryan Bort chimed in with “(I)t’s an especially bad look for Gorsuch, who as a member of the most consequential body of decision-makers in American politics probably shouldn’t be appearing on a network concerned primarily with placating the president.”

Media commentator Brian Stelter, formerly of The New York Times and CNN, wrote: “Justice Neil Gorsuch is on ‘Fox & Friends’ right now. The Q: How is it appropriate for a Supreme Court justice to try to goose sales of his three-month-old book by chatting on one of the most partisan shows on TV?”

I don’t understand the outrage, because other Supreme Court justices have appeared in the media without triggering it.

Take for example, “The Notorious RBG,” the documentary about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I paid good money to see it in the theater, because I had no idea I’d eventually be able to catch it for free on CNN, the outfit that partially financed the film. I don’t remember people getting upset that a station whose commentators regularly criticize Trump was involved in a hagiographic project about this admittedly exceptional, but left-leaning, Supreme Court justice.

Or the time Justice Sonia Sotomayor went on “The View,” a show that pretends to be bipartisan by having Meghan McCain as a co-host while the majority of other women around the famous table are loud and proud liberals, who regularly criticize the Trump administration. When Sotomayor went on in November of last year — around the time of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation — she was there to promote the children’s version of her autobiography, “Turning Pages: My Life Story.” She was welcomed like a hero, as well she should have been. Like Ginsburg, she has been an exceptional jurist and role model. I didn’t see anyone complain that Sotomayor’s presence on the show, to promote her book, was problematic.

But Neil Gorsuch appears on “Fox & Friends” and people accuse him of inappropriate behavior. They ignore the fact that Fox has numerous hosts and guests who criticize the president, including Judge Andrew Napolitano, Brett Baer, Geraldo Rivera and perhaps most consistently, Chris Wallace.

This double standard has to stop. Gorsuch did nothing wrong in going on “Fox & Friends.”

Christine M. Flowers is a lawyer and columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. Readers may send her email at cflowers1961@gmail.com.


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Hive, best if you go see a Dr and get some meds

Bruce Montplaisir

You know Packfan, people could afford meds if it weren't free enterprise didn't allow people to die for lack of insulin, even though it was developed over a hundred years ago by a couple of Canadian doctors who didn't paten it because they thought it was more important to save lives. I've known for more than a decade that opioids were killing a hundred people a day but people were making money so our government decided to let it be. After the Sackler family said they took more than $10 billion out of Purdue Pharma and got sued they, they used it to promote addiction to Oxycontin around the world. Yup, pretty sure you know a lot about meds Packfan.


The single mistake Arlan made was casting a vote for this liar!

Thomas sits, so does Cosby, though their seats should be reversed, IMO.


Dinger, How many decisions has this lying schemer lead or even asked questions on, what was he called?

How many decisions has "... Silver" written or lead the SCOTUS? Need more than one hand?

Or, is that hand busy?


JD, have no fear. We know the wackos by their wack-ness...and give them their just do-do!


Overheard at a democratic strategy session:

We are promising to raise taxes. We are restricting people rights. We are allowing illegals into the country without any restraint. We are promoting poverty and crime. We are destroying medical care. We are driving down the standard of living. We are doing all of this and people are still wanting to vote for Trump! What do these people think they want anyway?


Hive, Packfan is either Bo or Bo-familiar type, and should be again re-ignored as not worth the time.

Agreed. Republican dirty tactics are voter suppression, apathy, convincing and tricking the weak minded masses into policies that work against their own best interests and more. Oh, and don't forget enlisting foreign government assistance to rig elections.

Furthermore the right is a party of disrespecting or saying spiteful things about peoples, total blatant disregard for peoples and environment's health and safety. Greed power and money over basic human dignity. World dignity for that matter.

Hopefully 2020 will be an awakening of sorts, instead of more business as usual..


Wow, what rock have you been living under? The best one is about tricking the masses, Trump and the republicans have every news outlet except Fox telling lies about him EVERYDAY! Who’s tricking the Ignorant voters, it’s NOT Trump.

Do you know the Russian BS was all made up? Totally debunked? You are a member of the masses being tricked by the main stream media. More business as usual would have been Hil liar y getting elected.

Business is booming, unemployment record lows, YES, FOR BLACK PEOPLE, or don’t you care. Retirement accounts growing, crime going down except in Democrat run cesspools, illegal immigration down, wall going up, tax cuts for the middle class, yes, you won’t hear about that on the MSM, google ‘Trumps accomplishments ‘ read and cry, liberal, Trump is rockin man! Getting er done!

On the flip side Democrat candidates who promise to tax me into oblivion because I guess according to them everyone is a helpless fool and need other people’s money to survive , well, guess what? There’s still some Americans who regard hard work and self sufficiency a thing of pride and accomplishment , unlike your kind who wants the money I earned for lazy liberals.



Bruce Montplaisir

Packfan, apparently you were not able to read the Muller Report and are one of those people unaware that when Trump took office the number of illegal immigrants was the lowest in fifty years. You seem to be pretty proud of that thirty foot wall going up on the southern boarder; I guess I'd be impressed too if I didn't have a thirty-five foot extension ladder in my garage. I'm not sure if you know that when they put all those tariff's on imported goods those tariffs were paid by American consumers, not foreign nations. You are correct that when those foreign nations decided to find other sources for farm products, American taxpayers paid out about $80 billion to supplement farm income to make up the losses due to administrative policies.


Mr. Pack...Many of us know when the shiiit finally hits the fan, that crappola has been around for sometime, and that most pols participate to the point pols don't give a rip for citizens, unless they have "deep pockets."



Sycophant Christine Flowers! Her entire take on life is warped!


Bruce M +1. And, habitual voter suppression is normal for republicans. The only reason for their occasional positions in power is voter apathy, which is quicky checked as republicans over reach. But today is different. The left seems more interereste in themselves than others, as they too prey on mindless constituents, IMO.

I also agree Clarence T has proven incapable of being honerable and neutral, as a SCOTUS Justice. I have to admit to being sort of indifferent to who was on the court, assuming the Dredd Scott era stain has past, but of late, have some fears.


You’re upset because dead people in Chicago won’t be able to vote twice anymore

Bruce Montplaisir

Packfan, you must have a limited reading supply if you still believe there was any where near the voter fraud (out side the voter suppression) proposed by the reputnicans and debunked by dozens of studies that failed to find any significant voter fraud.

Bruce Montplaisir

I think the big problem for the Supreme Court is figuring out how to okay the criminal activity of the current administration and still hold future democratic administrations accountable for criminal behavior.


How about past DemoRat Administrations:

Obama spying on Trump and other Americans illegally

Comey not prosecuting Hil liar y

Bill Clinton’s interference with Loretta Lynch

If the crooked DemoRats were prosecuted there wouldn’t be enough left to HAVE a future administration

Bruce Montplaisir

There is one party that spends a lot of time suppressing voter rights (as well as evidence of criminal behavior), putting down the United States security agencies and promoting Russian conspiracy theories. In fact the party leaders take their advice from President Putin rather than our security agencies. I don't know why people are expected to accept the attacks and insults, which in many cases have lead to the death of US citizens who believe they are acting on the wishes of their party leader. The primary goal of one party seems to be to make more money; the primary goal of the other party seems to be survival of individuals.


Do you know our security agencies spied on an American running for president with the approval of the sitting president and you have the audacity to criticize the SPYEE? Wake up!


Like some others, in the past, until Justice Thomas' appointment, I did not worry about judges and for sometme afterward, as Justice Thomas has not proven he is up to the task . Approval of Gorsuch, who may prove to be fair-minded, was tainted by the rejection of the very honorable judge Garland, and the approval of Gorsuch, which illustraited Senate politics at its worst. Most of us understand that appointment politics can taint a decision but only time can tell. Obviously, the only real value of POTUS is appointing conservative people. Hopefully the left will accept that these jurists will do good. Once appointed, does it matter what they choose to do socially?


Judge Thomas not up to the task????


Not up to the task? Why? Because he’s a conservative and you’re a liberal, ‘your way or you’re ‘not up to task?’


Chill out?? The left is like a rabid dog when it comes to looking for something to be offended about. TDS, it’s a mental problem


Yes chill out and learn to read! Yes, read, you know, stuff on paper and not that rabid garbage on Faux News.


You watch it, why shouldn’t I?

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