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Read your comment. Much of what you condemn, isn't it?


JD, dude is nothing special-dummy. He learned to use fear as a child. No biggie that, you got backing...which is bullying! Lots of mongerers employ or try to employ the tactic...

Success is the knowing how to "slap" abusive, deaf dingers.

Imagine, for a moment, the damage if these events had happened in Europe, in the last century. Americans then would not have stood for bullroar. Today we take too long to dump dingers. Children and parents separated, in the last century how many would have been killed? We are close to "--it." And no one does squat! Lot of bluster, no doings!


Trump aint no dummy. Fear is an effective controller of the ignorant and less intelligent citizen. If you can make people perceive a threat, that isn't really there, you can get anything accomplished. Every tyrant in history utilized fear to their advantage to commit atrocities. But the thing that is scariest about the right is they don't want to be held responsible for what they spew in their hateful vitriol. As if the right to say it, absolves the beliefs behind it. And nothing could be a more ignorant interpretation of the first amendment than that.


Rampell: "What, pray tell, is the party so afraid of?" Like all party aparatchiks...democrats, republicans, indedepents...the fear is "losing." No job...voters are prey, pure and simple...we are lemmings!

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