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The Mucc has a new book to sell. Being in the headlines for anything helps sell books. If there is a squabble between Trump and The Mucc that much the better for sales. Remember Omarosa and Comey? They to had a squabbles with Trump just prior to putting out their books.


Rampell: "...cautionary prequels, including those starring Michael Cohen, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Paul Ryan and other allies, aides and surrogates similarly, summarily humiliated.

For a guy who claims to care about infrastructure, Trump loves burning bridges."

But Trump is prez! We have a dinger for prez and some excuse the lying and so on...leader of the "free world," as Russian mercenaries ruin parts of it...for gain...as Congress sits and their dead arses!

Vote party and see what changes...

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