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The BO is not a name...Bend Over!


Some stuff evangelical christians (low case intended) and other true believers conveniently brush aside, as they race for the cliff (lemmings that they are).



Lede line here says, "New Federal Rules..."

Might this be because we are getting what we deserve? We elected a person who does and thinks unlike everything your (intended) mother taught you (I hope your mother was concerned enough to teach)! Duh!

Three rules:

Speak and Do Truth only; make the other guy look good, always; Leave a place better for being (there)!


Lemony, like I said before, if I were on Winona County Board or legislature, we'd be debating outlawing lawn ferts and use of rifles in county or our restrictive SE MN are....every stream in once pristine SE MN trout Mecca is now polluted. Nice!...as we farmer smarties swagger.

lemon drop

Neither family farms that LSP hates nor I have to bow down to your silly definition games. Especially to political hypocrites like JD14 and Hive get off my lawn. So predictable!


Hive, pollution is only pollution to ld if it affects her, or especially her pocketbook.

She could care less about the tainted water into the aquifers as long as she and her farm cronies get their $$$$...

No care for the environment, or people getting hurt.

Just profit and business at usual at the cost of health and human welfare of our community and its' future generations.

But we all know that tune with ld, time and time again...



Then as now..."everybody knows"...but current pols are far more greedy/selfish, and predator pols learned from practice about preying upon a lazy electorate, and more people are apathetic, still, here and there, "everybody knows."

A "whitened sepluchar" still holds fetid matter...and Trump is indeed fetid, nat what I wa raised to be! Trust him do ya? Well, cannot cure dim.


Mr. Hive, Did you mean to say...

just as the obfuscating left, who started it all by impeaching Trump to even the score for Clinton, will learn and America will learn about scum. The Nixon impeachment had bipartisan support.


"Everybody knows," as LC wrote is the truth.

"Defense" of the boy who cries wolf lots" just does not cut it, as, hopefully, an active electorate and lazo's will recall.

Seems well-practiced defenses cannot make "alternative facts," or bullroar into something voters can gulp.

Ya gotta luv it!


It is always a question of "deportment or conduct,"

just as the obfuscating right, who started it all by impeaching Clinton to even the score for Nixon, will learn and America will learn about scum.

And, Lemony, another lying party wonk-dinger, I'll ask the question another asked, again...

Lemon Drop, "What is your definition of pollution?"

This one will hang around your neck like the rotting innocent "Albatross"...

Yet, "We the People," get what we deserve, when we let evil thrive, don't we?


Dodgers yes. Dingers no.

We leave that to you ld. Along with crony phony baloney crew, packfan, khansky and johnson.

The delusionally delusional sheep being led to slaughter by el president supremo.

Oh, and your fictitious lord almighty getting you off on a free pass regardless of y'all treating the world and other ppl like expendable means to an end....


Bored now....

lemon drop

You and JD13 are the biggest hippocrates on here. Dingers and dodgers

lemon drop

Great answer. But not surprising


Oooops, forgot! Dog loves its own!


Lemony...natch, what you say is what was expected...how's you like the fumes?


Mr. Hive, I’m still waiting for definition of “Wingman”. My thought is that sometimes it’s better not to reply and that’s OK. However, one should not expect others to reply to them as well them.


Dude, you ask, as master of the obvious. I have little time for bullroar!


Might be best to deal with the problem directly at the village level, instead of using a "regulator" which is really nothing more than a scapegoat, like a committee is used by lazy legislators and a place to place blame...duh.

Reminds me of Lemony here who will not respond to Mr. J's (?) -- "what is your definition of Pollution?" --paraphrased the quote. Or, the current Trump defenses by Dershowitz...bogus, sidestepping the crux of the matter...law! Right Kill?

lemon drop

Have no idea what your talking about? What is my definition of pollution? Or who is polluting? I agree that there is pollution, we disagree on who's polluting?

Some are doing way more than others in polluting and or preventing it, Correct? If the village you speak of to make decisions is made up of biased people or are inherently against something and who are in the minority should they be the ones deciding? Using regulations and regulators as scapegoats is sidestepping, and diminishing the fact that they are unbiased experts in various fields.


Maybe? Maybe not? Regulation (by the village) comes when villagers ignore their roles as villagers. Too much PC-ness comes back to bite us in the arse, seems to me.

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