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CHEER: To Tom Sawyer, who closes out his amazing 25-year coaching career at Winona State today. He owns every Warrior football coaching record while guiding one of NCAA Division II football’s most successful programs. Winona State president Dr. Scott Olson said before this season began, “Coa…

CHEER: To Oktoberfest board chairman Kelly Wilde, Festmaster & Frau Tom & Marilyn Tiggelaar, Mrs. Oktoberfest Ilene Kernozek, Special Fester Rylee Beahm and the rest of the Royal Family, and the many many volunteers and friends, for a grand return after a year away. Putting on La Cro…

The discussion we are having at this time regarding the Daily Farm expansion in Winona County for many of us comes down to animal waste storage in an area that has fragile limestone bedrock.

Paracelsus, the father of toxicology, said “the dose makes the poison.” Everything is poisonous at a certain level: people can die from drinking too much water. Let’s apply that concept to the Daley Farm’s request to expand their operations from 1500 to 5900 animals.

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