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Yeah, who pays? Seems to me a board member should know...but then...maybe not and illustrates a problem. I know Stuart would have known!


DE opinion; not facts is same thing at issue with SOS action...so who pays WAPS for its costs...if WAPS again escapes the accusation?

Don Evanson

This litigation, initiated by the Winona School District, ISD 861, serves to confirm that its School Board is collectively "nuts", and raises credibility questions regarding its legal counsel.


Hawk, no doubt. Figured the referendum moola would end up as legal fees, or a lot of it. Thing is, I wonder, SOS sues WAPS, pays it fees; WAPS responds, which side ends up paying court and lawyers...SOS as prosecutor or WAPS as defender? Or, are financials completely dependant on win/lose? Tax money comes from us and if used for fees etc, we should know and exact total expense...etc. Seems to me. Never thought SOS had much of a case here...sort of Trump-like whimsy to me.


Interesting! So, SOS takes our money (WAPS) to court...find...who pays WAPS costs???no one wants to respond...third time question posted.


Here's your answer: The district's insurance paid the legal fees for the SOS appeal of the closure ruling. The District is paying the legal fees to sue SOS, directly from tax money. And those fees are almost certainly much higher than Dahman says they are.

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