The Mississippi River has exceeded flood stage in Winona and La Crosse, but so far only minor flooding is expected.

The crest is expected later this week in both locations.

In Winona, the river reached 14.21 feet early Sunday afternoon. Flood stage is 13 feet, and a crest of 14.5 feet is expected this weekend.

The National Weather Service reports that at 13 feet, Prairie Island Park begins to flood. The weather service reported that at that river level, pumping operations are underway by the city of Winona, and dike patrols are started.

In La Crosse, the Mississippi reached 12.66 feet at 12:15 p.m. Sunday. Flood stage is 12 feet.

The weather service says the river will continue rising to near 12.7 feet by Thursday evening, although it’s possible that more flooding could occur.

The weather service reports that at 12.3 feet, water begins to inundate Nelson Park in the town of Campbell.