Scott Allen Brown


WINONA, Minn. — A 60-year-old Lewiston man accused of breaking into a Winona woman’s home while wielding a baseball bat last month was arrested Tuesday — his third time in a little more than four weeks.

Scott Allen Brown was charged in Winona County District Court on Wednesday with two felony counts of making threats of violence and violating a domestic assault no-contact order.

According to the report, shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday deputies received a report from a 57-year-old Winona woman who said Brown had violated the no-contact order.

She told the deputy that she had been visiting a 66-year-old Lewiston man when she discovered that someone had let the air out of her tires. While the man was helping her inflate the tires, she said, Brown walked down the road yelling at them.

According to the woman, Brown yelled, “Next time I see your car parked there I’m going to kill you both.”

The man said Brown then threatened him directly.

The woman told the deputy that evening she had received three calls from Brown, which also violated the no-contact order. The man also reported receiving a call in which Brown said, “If I lose her, it’s your fault and you’ll be dead by the morning,” the report said.

The man claimed Brown then referred to an AR-15 rifle.

Brown admitted to calling the woman but denied calling the man.

After speaking with the man and woman, a deputy assisted by a Minnesota State Patrol officer arrested Brown at his home in Lewiston. A small quantity of marijuana was recovered from Brown’s pockets during the arrest.

In court Wednesday, a $20,000 unconditional bond was set for Brown’s release, and he was ordered not have any contact with the man or woman.

Last month, Brown was charged with first- and second-degree burglary after he was accused of breaking into a woman’s home in Winona. The woman told police Brown had been pounding on the door and windows shortly before he broke the door in. Police found Brown nearby riding on a bicycle and recovered a baseball bat.

Brown admitted to hitting the door with his hip, but denied going inside the residence or having a baseball bat. He later admitted to entering the woman’s bedroom for a “millisecond.”

He also was arrested on July 22 for violating a domestic assault no-contact order after a woman reported him calling and sending letters to her residence.

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