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I doubt if Jesus likes it.

What’s going on the Mexican border, that is.

Regardless of what Jeff Sessions’ Bible says.

Really, is locking refugee kids up in abandoned Walmarts the sort of thing Jesus would do?

After all when it comes to desperate border crossings, he’s been there, done that.

Remember the story as Matthew tells it. How Joseph and Mary with Jesus in tow fled from Bethlehem just ahead of King Herod’s enforcers (who, by the way, were just doing their job, exercising the government’s legal authority) and hightailed it across the desert to Egypt, slipping across a rather permeable border to relative safety.

Fortunately, pharaoh’s version of Jeff Sessions wasn’t there to send the Holy Family back to Herod’s tender mercies. Heaven only knows how things might have worked out.

But we know what happens when that sort of thing happens here, now.

Now our government authorities tell us all of these people are criminals. If their crime is being from the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess they’re guilty as charged. Like The Donald says, we have to be careful who we let in ... too bad, he said, these people aren’t more like folks from Norway.

That’s an interesting thought, because 175 years ago Norway wasn’t the gleaming first-world social democracy we might envy today. The Norway my great-great-grandfather was born into was poor, hungry and overpopulated. For a peasant boy in the mountainous interior the future held little promise — and far, far less for his children.

So Lars left. He bid Hurdahl goodbye and made his way to the sea. He booked passage on a grimy, overcrowded immigrant ship and endured the weeks of stench, sickness, bad food and death to be disgorged on a strange shore, unknown and unwelcomed. Ignorant of the language, ignorant of the customs, he knew how to plow, pick and hoe and would do whatever he needed to make a good and productive life for himself and his family.

So let’s skip forward five generations. Lars is now Luís. The land he was born into is poor, hungry and overpopulated. The future holds little promise for him and far, far less for his children.

So he leaves. The family endures weeks of danger, sickness and death to slip across an empty border into a strange and glittering land, ignorant of the language, ignorant of the customs, but able to plow, pick and hoe and willing to do whatever is needed to make a safe, productive life.

If this is criminal, this country could do well to have a spike in the crime rate.

Good families. Hardworking families. Ripped apart at the border, parents jailed, children locked away in juvenile concentration camps. All for the crime of seeking a better, safer, healthier life.

And we’re told this is what God wants us to do, no less.

I don’t think so.

I think I read from the same Bible as Mr. Sessions; but mine seems to carry a different message.

If Mr. Sessions had continued a few verses further in Paul’s epistle he would have read this further instruction to the Romans, “Whatever other commandments there may be are summed up in this one rule: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

Really, would the divine child of a refugee family pen up those fleeing hopelessness behind barbed wire in tents in the desert?

The first letter of John gives an insight: “By this we know what love is: Jesus laid down His life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone with earthly possessions sees his brother in need, but withholds his compassion from him, how can the love of God abide in him? Little children, let us love not in word and speech, but in action and truth.”

“And do this,” Paul wrote, “Understanding the present time ... The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light ...”


It was a time of blood, and threats of more blood. With riots sweeping city after city, it appeared that the assassin’s bullet had killed Martin Luther King’s dream as surely as it had ended his life.

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Jerome Christenson is a former reporter, columnist and editor at the Winona Daily News.


(8) comments


JD - You are an idiot blinded by your own stupidity. "Every person that ever came here was an "Illegal Immigrant" before becoming a citizen. Every child was born from them as well." Reread your statement and think about it again.

Really JD! The definition of an anarchist fits you pretty well. And now we can add stupid, idiotic, uninformed and out of control. Take your hands off the keyboard and go back to playing pocket pool before you make a bigger fool of yourself than you already have.

a person who advocates or believes in anarchy or anarchism.
a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed.
a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established rule, law, or custom.


Really Bo?

Hey man to put it bluntly, I think you're wrong and you're a racist. Not to mention a blubbering fool that understandings nothing of anarchists, laws or anything else for that matter.

It's not rocket science.

Every person that ever came here was an "Illegal Immigrant" before becoming a citizen. Every child was born from them as well. We are a land founded on taking in others, always have been. It is Unamerican to suggest otherwise, not to mention paramount ignorance beyond belief.

Bottom line, this occupancy of a country or nation by only one person and contrary to law is what is ridiculous and totally unfounded except by the xenophobic, paranoid right. Taking one idiotic president's policy to be propagandized, covered and obfuscated as law, and then blaming the Democrats for said law, shows how despicable some republicans are whilst attempting to remove responsibility for their racism under such a guise.

It shows what selfish pricks they really are when it comes to feeling self entitled to decide which persons should come to the US or not and even which ones should go. Not to mention locking up children like Jews in 1940s Germany.

It's what Jesus would do?

What a joke, but none as big as you Bo.


JD - Really, I think not. The country is owned by its legal citizens not illegal immigrants. Just because someone from another country wants to live in America does not mean they own America or the right to live here. We have boarders and we have laws. What you are saying is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard but I guess that's how anarchist think.
Anyway looks like Trump is a hero now that he did what Jesus would do. I can't wait to see what the Trump Haters will say.


Build The WALL.


Bo? Friggin' really? Your reasoning is flawed beyond insanity.

Comparing the two is outright ridiculous and outrageous if you think about it. A house or domicile is specifically designated to the person or persons that own said residence. A country is not so, it is owned by everyone living in said country, or that wants to live in said country, unless one wants to be xenophobic, bigoted and racist, whilst only allowing persons of certain types to live there/here. And what you're saying couldn't sound more like that imo fyi...


Excellent article, Jerome. I find it hard to believe that some people feel that locking kids up in these "detention centers" or tents in the desert is better than their living conditions in their home country. Well, in a way I suppose it is. At least they're not being shot if they refuse to join a cartel gang and they're not being raped and their parents are not being shot in front of them. But to tear away toddlers, babies and young kids from their parents with no warning and then dump them in these "facilities" is something our country has never stood for and has never before done. And don't blame this on Democrats for passing a bill that supports this. Public Law 107.296 was introduced in the House and Senate by Republicans and passed by a Republican president, G. W. Bush.

Leslie Hittner

Well said, Jerome.


I don’t know what Jesus would do. I agree I doubt he would like it. I do know what the Pope and the Catholic Church would do. They would build a big wall to keep out illegal immigrants just like they have around the Vatican. The Vatican’s wealth is about $15 Billion. Seems to me they have built a wall to protect their property and vast wealth. What would Jesus do? Would he say what’s good for the pope and the Vatican is good for America to? Without Boarders and rule of law you don’t have a county. A country that is not perfect but has done more good for the world than all other countries combined.

“Really, is locking refugee kids up in abandoned Walmart’s the sort of thing Jesus would do?” You call it locking them up. I call it protecting them and providing them Shelter, Food, Clothing, Entertainment and Education. These children are being taken care of better than they would be in the country they fled. They are being taken better care of then the 15 million children in the US living below the poverty line.

What if I don’t like the life I have or the house I live in? Can I go to Hollywood and take over some Hollywood Elitist house and claim Asylum? If not why not? Is there some law that says I can’t move into someone else’s house and take it over? What if I took my kids with me? Would it be alright then? I think not. I think my kids would be ripped from my loving arms and I would be thrown in jail.

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