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I have long felt John McCain has serious character issues. While claiming to be a maverick and "his own man" he has spent his career in the Senate promoting an agenda that rewards elites and deprives the ordinary American. He also brought a 3rd rate little known governor into the spotlight and gave her a national platform to promote her agenda of hate and divisiveness. This is just another example of how low John McCain will stoop to "make a difference". Nice piece Jerome.


As someone who also has been thru the Cancer nightmare recently with my wife, I honestly cannot complain about the healthcare we have received. We have also received support thru family and a local group of backyard BBQ enthusiasts, that give directly to the cancer families. Our bills for chemo where $33,000 every 3 weeks and we had 6 mos of that & a major sternotomy surgery to remove a tumor in her chest. Politics or Politicians didn't help us a bit but having a job with good benefits sure did. If either side cared they would cure cancer altogether but I believe it is too much of a cash cow for anyone to really want to cure. Cancer is so random and non discriminating that it can get any one of us. Finding it early and crossing your fingers is about all you can do, to better your odds in fighting it. I wouldn't wish it on anyone .


"nailed it"


Thank you Jerome. The personal touch is important in this debate.

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